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Vendor Information for Cyber Catalyst by Marsh

Cybersecurity vendors can submit eligible products and services for evaluation by leading cyber insurers in the Cyber Catalyst program.  Applications will be accepted again starting in 2020.

Cyber Catalyst by MarshSM offers organizations greater clarity and confidence in selecting cybersecurity offerings that can have a meaningful impact on cyber risk.

Cyber CatalystSM also gives cybersecurity vendors a high visibility platform to efficiently showcase products and services to the marketplace.

Clarity in a Crowded Cybersecurity Market

The cybersecurity market is estimated to reach $125 billion in 2019, with 3,000+ cybersecurity firms offering thousands of products and services to combat and reduce cyber risk.   Not only is it challenging for organizations to navigate; it can also be difficult for cybersecurity vendors to stand out and differentiate their products and services.

Cyber CatalystSM offers cybersecurity vendors an efficient way to present their solutions to an influential audience, and to the broader market.

In Cyber CatalystSM , cybersecurity firms can submit eligible products and services for evaluation by leading insurers. Those products and services viewed as effective in reducing cyber risk will be designated as “Cyber CatalystSM".

The Cyber CatalystSM designation indicates that leading cyber insurers consider that offering as effective in reducing cyber risk, and it can be a powerful tool used by cybersecurity firms in their marketing. 

Key Points for Cybersecurity Vendors

  • Products and services designated as 2019 Cyber Catalyst solutions will be announced in September 2019.
  • The program will open again in 2020 to submit cybersecurity products and services for evaluation.
  • Cybersecurity vendors and their products and services must meet eligibility criteria to be considered in the program.  See Vendor Information Pack, FAQ, and Webcast for more information.


The Cyber CatalystSM designation is not a guarantee of performance or certification of cybersecurity prevention or protection.  The “Cyber CatalystSM " designation reflects the consensus view of Cyber CatalystSM-participating insurers that the product or service can be effective in reducing cyber risk.  Those insurers express no view on the scope, terms or pricing of those products or services.  The decision to use a third-party vendor's product or service with the Cyber CatalystSM designation is made solely by customers that purchase and/or use the product or service.  Neither Marsh nor Microsoft nor any participating insurers shall be a party to, or be subject to any obligations or liabilities set forth in, any agreement entered into between any vendor and its customer. Third-party cybersecurity vendors are not agents of Marsh, Microsoft or any participating insurer.   Marsh, Microsoft and participating insurers make no warranties or guarantees of any kind, express or implied, and assume no liability arising out of or relating to any service or product rendered or provided by any vendor to its customer.

"Cyber Catalyst” and “Cyber Catalyst by Marsh” are registered trademarks of Marsh LLC