Business Continuity Planning

In today’s hyper-connected world, a cyberattack can result in the immediate — and long-term — disruption of an organization’s operations, assets, people, and revenue streams. To minimize the impacts of an event and accelerate recovery, proactive business continuity planning is critical to an organization’s response — and ultimately, its resilience.

At Marsh, we understand the challenges facing businesses, and seek to provide solutions that enable our clients to continue to focus on revenue growth, efficiency, and quality. We have developed a unique service that allows your business to leverage Marsh’s cyber risk and business continuity specialists in a cost-effective way to create, enhance, or maintain your business continuity program.

In response to your evolving needs and an increasingly complex risk landscape, our team of cyber and business continuity specialists work together to design and deliver business continuity plans for a wide range of cyberattacks. Our specialists can perform in-house business continuity functions, supplement your current program resources, or provide support on an interim basis while your organization seeks a business continuity manager. Whatever the case, there may be a period of time when Marsh can support your organization with our outsourced business continuity services. We offer:

  • A recommended structure and staffing needs for the business continuity management function, including key responsibilities and relationships.
  • A gap analysis report detailing key recovery concerns and deficient areas compared to best practices.
  • Recommendations on the blend of insourcing and outsourcing for your organization.

A short- and long-term implementation roadmap for key prioritized activities.