Claims Advocacy

In the event of a breach, ransomware attack, or other cyber incident, organizations must resume operations and recoup losses as quickly — and efficiently — as possible. However, in responding to the widespread and often interconnected impacts of a cyberattack, complex cyber policies, confusing terms, and claims disputes make the path to recovery more challenging than ever.

With deep expertise and in-depth experience in cyber claims management, Marsh’s team of global claims specialists help organizations navigate their journey to recovery. Successfully negotiating cyber coverage issues and recovering billions for our clients, our global claims and incident management specialists work alongside our cyber brokerage team, vigorously advocating on behalf of our clients.

Together, we review claims, support litigation management, and develop creative strategies to resolve claim and coverage issues. To support, expedite, and maximize recovery, we often work closely with our cyber forensic accountants and claims preparation specialists to develop a comprehensive proof of loss. While each claim is unique, we advocate on your behalf with insurers to resolve claims efficiently.