Cyber CAT

While recent events continue to demonstrate the immediate and long-term impacts of cyberattacks, traditional insurance has not kept pace. Today, some insurers are restricting cyber coverage, making it increasingly difficult for businesses to protect against the growing scale, severity, and frequency of cyber events.

In response to our clients’ evolving needs, we have enhanced our market-leading Marsh Cyber CAT form. Offering even broader protections for businesses seeking cyber coverage beyond typical privacy exposures, Cyber CAT is founded on the premise that, subject to applicable terms and conditions, cyber, errors and omissions (E&O), and media risks should be insurable — not excluded — by your insurance.

Tailored to your organization’s unique risk profile, Marsh Cyber CAT offers comprehensive protection and streamlined policy wording that maximizes protection for a wide range of cyber risks. This includes coverages not typically available in commercial policies for cyber and technology risks; for liabilities and direct losses associated with technology failures and data breaches; and for evolving risks, such as ransomware and privacy regulations.