Cyber ECHO

Presenting a growing and pervasive threat to organizations of all sizes and industries, businesses are faced with a need to keep pace — and keep ahead — of rapidly evolving cyber risks. Now, more than ever, businesses seek innovative solutions to manage, mitigate, and transfer cyber risks — and require participation from insurers to obtain adequate coverage.

Beyond traditional cyber insurance, Marsh Cyber ECHO provides access to exclusive insurance capacity to better protect against — and insure — cyber, errors and omission (E&O), and media-related risks. Aiming to bring more stability to the market for excess cover, Marsh Cyber ECHO is the largest facility of its kind and supports businesses in securing large amounts of capacity with market-leading terms and conditions, including an innovative option for the reinstatement of underlying limits.

In response to recent cyber events, more and more businesses are seeking excess cyber coverage — but the terms can vary significantly. Some standard excess policies contain complex wording, with language and terms that are often heavily negotiated, that can delay — or even prevent — recovery of a loss. Marsh Cyber ECHO addresses many of these issues and helps organizations efficiently meet their needs for excess cyber insurance coverage.

Exclusive to our clients, Marsh Cyber ECHO offers clear and concise policy wording and follow-form language. It attaches as low as excess of $5 million primary policy, and offers two primary reinstatement options.