Resilience optimization

Cross-functional services can help companies plan for and build organizational resilience to cyber risk and the digital evolution.

While advancements in technology drive increased efficiencies and optimized performance, they also bring new risks. Across all industries, the ongoing digital transformation continues to widen the cyberattack surface, presenting increased opportunities for malicious threat actors.

To withstand and recover from cyberattacks, building resilience is critical. With widespread and interrelated impacts, organizations must work to understand how — and where — a cyber event can cascade across their complete value chain. Organizations can identify potential exposures and align cross-organizational stakeholders to best solve for risks.

Our team of dedicated cyber specialists delivers a range of integrated solutions to help you plan for, test, and build organizational resilience. We offer several capabilities to help prioritize, implement, and execute cyber risk management processes that build resilience, including the Risk Resilience Diagnostic and business continuity planning. Through our Cyber Catalyst by Marsh® program, companies have access to cyber security products and solutions that are effective at reducing cyber risk. We help you review and test your cyber readiness through incident response planning and tabletop exercises. Finally, we can help enhance your resilience to supply chain and other emerging risks.

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Cyber Practice Leader, Marsh US

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