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Redevelopment of Contaminated Properties

Contaminated properties and brownfield sites present significant business opportunities for redevelopment. Marsh can help your business take advantage of environmental contractual mechanisms and specialized risk transfer solutions to help you transform environmentally impacted sites and maximize your return on investment.

As more organizations look to take advantage of the benefits of investing in environmentally impacted sites, it is critical to understand the potential costs and evaluate the risks associated with such properties. Careful analysis of risks throughout the project lifecycle, from acquisition through exit strategy, can help you manage the cost uncertainty associated with identified environmental risk factors.

Successful buyers and sellers of contaminated properties understand the business and risk management vehicles available to minimize expenses and maximize project revenue. These include:

  • Identifying opportunities for tax incentives and recovering salvage values.
  • Deploying contractual risk transfer strategies, including the use of indemnities, fixed price contracts, or liability transfers.
  • Backstopping known and unknown liabilities with environmental insurance solutions.

Marsh’s Environmental Practice evaluates the spectrum of risks in your target project, advises on a range of possible solutions to mitigate your risks, and delivers highly specialized risk transfer solutions that facilitate optimal project outcomes.

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Kimberly Mann

Kimberly Mann

Senior Vice President, Environmental Practice

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