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Helping Life Sciences Companies Improve Their D&O Risk Profile

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Financial and Professional Liability Center of Excellence

For Life Sciences companies, navigating the changing clinical, regulatory, and business landscape is challenging. Directors and Officers (D&O) risk remains one of the most pressing areas of concern for these organizations.

Company directors and officers cannot reduce the complexity of these risks. What they can do, however, is take steps to protect their own personal assets — through a combination of strong corporate governance, broad corporate indemnification, and a risk transfer program that includes a high-quality directors and officers liability insurance program.

Marsh’s FINPRO Life Sciences Center of Excellence is committed to helping life sciences companies manage their professional liability. In an effort to help you proactively address directors and officers risk, we are pleased to offer the D&O Risk Mitigation Insight Series.  

“Intensifying regulatory scrutiny, and a heightened probability of litigation are just some of the challenges for directors and officers of life science companies today.”

D&O Risk Mitigation Insight Series Overview

The D&O Risk Mitigation Insight Series brings together a team of seasoned attorneys, insurance advisors and D&O insurance market leaders for conversations around crucial topics tailored for life sciences companies.

This risk management tool will proactively address the wide variety of regulatory and enforcement issues projected to impact your businesses in 2021 and beyond and result in an improved view of your most critical risks.

While the D&O market remains difficult and fluid, we believe education and a well-tailored, proactive plan for each of these key areas will improve your risk profile and help to ensure a more favorable D&O renewal.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to improve the risk profile for your company. Included in this program: 

  • 20 minute video introduction to key risk topics – choose from the areas of greatest interest to you in a brief summary.
  • 60 minute  webinar and in depth discussion on each of these critical risk management topics.
  • Complimentary meeting with leading legal professionals to further discuss the topic of your choice.

Risk Topics and Partnering Law Firms

Please click on the link below to access the 20 minute introductory videos.

Download an overview of the FINPRO Life Sciences Center of Excellence.