You’ve gone public, now what?

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If you’re a recently listed public company, consider the following:

  • Since transitioning from private to public, your company’s risk profile materially changed and became subject to greater regulatory scrutiny - now what? Let us help you differentiate your risk profile to achieve optimal results for your Directors and Officers Liability renewal.
  • Securities litigation and other claims are often made within three years of the transaction and can take several forms including class action, regulatory enforcement and derivative suits. What is the likelihood your company could face a Securities suit and how can you protect the directors & officers as well as the company’s balance sheet?
  • As companies enter their first and second Directors and Officers Liability renewal period post transaction, choosing the right policy structure and approach based on your organization’s needs is more critical than ever. Learn about what cost options could be available 1-2 years post offering and how to further develop and maximize carrier relationships and drive down premium cost.
  • In addition to Directors and Officers Liability there are other risk transfer products to manage liabilities and protect the balance sheet including Cyber, Fiduciary, Fidelity Bond/Crime, Special Risk and Employment Practices Liability.