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Behavioral Risk Improvement

Marsh Advisory's Risk Consulting Solutions's proprietary behavior-based safety process enables organizations to develop a strong, positive employee safety culture and lasting improvements in safety performance.

Traditional approaches to safety that involve engineering and process solutions are critical for every organization. They can produce substantial improvements in safety performance, but organizations often reach improvement plateaus or encounter cyclical performance. Breaking these patterns and achieving continuous improvement is difficult. It requires a change in focus.

Our behavioral risk improvement solution complements traditional safety approaches by focusing on safe behaviors and positive results. It is a proven, sustainable approach that identifies at-risk and safe behaviors, analyzes factors that support risk-taking, introduces changes that support safe behaviors, provides a proactive safety measurement system, and incorporates program monitoring to ensure ongoing effectiveness. It equips employees with the skills to influence the behavior of others, measure the effects, and sustain improvements.

The behavioral risk improvement process implementation has the following components:

  • Assessment—Focuses on information gathering, readiness evaluation, planning, process design, and identification of critical paths for success.
  • Training—Core teams of frontline workers are trained to understand behavioral pinpoints and to manage the observation and measurement system. Managers and supervisors learn basic principles of behavior and are trained to provide the support necessary to sustain the initiative. All other employees affected by the BRI process receive general overviews to understand their role in the process.
  • Implementation Support and Follow-up Consulting—Ensures that critical features of the process are preserved and addresses potential obstacles to success.

Our behavior-based safety solutions are applicable across industries and facilities where safety performance is an issue. For distribution centers, for example, we offer a logistics performance  solution, which is tailored to the unique safety performance improvement environment that managers and supervisors face.

Behavioral Risk Improvement Gets Results

The behavioral risk improvement process decreases risk by encouraging safe behavior and creating a positive safety culture with lasting change in safety outcomes. The graphs below illustrate the relationship between behavior change and the long-term results that can be obtained.

Because there is a strong correlation between injury frequency and workers’ compensation-related expenses, reductions in injury frequency can be expected to contribute to a reduction in workers’ compensation losses.

Our Behavioral Performance Plus solution enables managers and supervisors to identify and measure critical behaviors that affect employee performance at all levels in the organization. Implementation of these measurement-based performance strategies can help you to meet workforce, management, and corporate objectives and sustain improvements over time.

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