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A Catalyst for Better Construction Safety Results

To help decrease or even avoid the risks and costs associated with construction project safety, Marsh Advisory's Risk Consulting Solutions strategically combines an objective safety program assessment and an employee perception survey, providing clients with a customized solution that can produce a lasting and effective safety and loss control program. By using this approach, construction project owners can enhance current safety programs, reduce safety incidents, lower direct and indirect safety-related costs, improve profit margins, better maintain construction schedules, and meet or surpass regulators’ or customers’ safety performance requirements.

Who It's For

Contractors and construction firms seeking to:

  • Control financial losses associated with work-related accidents, injuries, and/ or illnesses.
  • Improve their workers’ compensation experience modification rate.
  • Establish and maintain their safety reputation by meeting and/or exceeding client demands for safety.
  • Address employees’ differing opinions of safety by ensuring their understanding of safety’s impact on their organization’s success.

What You Get

  • Road map for better safety results.
  • Gap analysis of your safety practices compared to industry best practices.
  • Perception survey to determine employee perspectives regarding your safety program and its application.
  • Suggestions for leading the proposed safety changes.
  • Follow-up discussions regarding safety improvement suggestions.

Service Highlights

Our experts develop targeted solutions to meet our clients’ safety needs, which can be applied on a customized basis to contractors and construction companies of any size.

Our team collaborates with clients to develop solutions and strategies, which allows for seamless and successful execution. This means fewer operational disruptions and increased employee engagement. Our solutions include a casualty risk analysis and an employee perception survey.

The casualty risk analysis evaluates the existence and effectiveness of the essential components of an organization’s construction safety programs. It is a thorough evaluation of safety programs and processes.

The other critical aspect of our solution is the employee perception survey. This survey captures candid feedback through anonymous dialogue with managers, field supervisors, and front-line workers, as their perspectives are the litmus test of safety program effectiveness.

What Marsh Clients Are Saying

"After review of your assessment, and please forgive me if I’m blunt, but that was about the most informative and helpful document I have come across. You were absolutely correct in your findings, and your recommendations are extremely useful. Yes, there are some deficiencies with our program and we are looking into how best to proceed with the recommendations."

“I think you did a great job with this and overall I am very pleased with the outcome. Thank you so very much for this review. It inspires me to continue these efforts and anytime you want to come back for a follow up, don’t hesitate.”


In order to develop a clear picture of a program and drive better safety results on each construction project, our experts provide the following services:

  • Preliminary casualty loss analysis and pertinent research.
  • Evaluation of safety risks and controls, including but not limited to:
    • Hiring practices.
    • Safety program and oversight.
    • Safety culture.
    • Safety training.
    • Safety leadership.
    • Safety accountability.
    • Safety incident recordkeeping and management.
    • Emergency planning.
    • Subcontractor safety management.
    • Hazard exposures and controls.
    • Industrial hygiene exposures and controls.
    • Moisture intrusion/mold prevention.
    • Fleet safety.
    • Equipment/inland marine safety.
    • Quality assurance/quality control.
    • Management commitment.
    • Worker participation/involvement.
    • Soft tissue injury prevention.
    • Environmental management system.
    • Third party evaluation/assessment.
  • Discussions regarding casualty loss experience.
  • Specific loss issue assessments, as required.
  • Evaluation of safety program implementation at a project worksite/s.
  • Dialogue with employees to determine their perspectives/opinions regarding safety program effectiveness opinions.
  • Provision of a final report documenting the safety program assessment, loss analysis, observations, employee opinions, and suggestions for safety improvement.
  • Follow-up discussions regarding the assessment and suggestions, including the status of improvements.

Construction Safety 360

Marsh Advisory brings decades of experience in occupational safety and health, and construction-related work, to each construction project. Our team’s expertise enables them to understand the multitude of inherent risks in the construction industry and on construction worksites and the various approaches for controlling said risks.

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