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Emergency Management Services

In today’s global risk environment, an emergency preparedness program and capability are not optional for your organization. They are imperatives at the heart of compliance and good corporate governance.

Establishing an emergency response capability helps your company prepare for, respond to, and recover from adverse incidents. You need to be ready to respond in a coordinated, timely, and effective manner to natural, technological, or man-made disasters.

A well written emergency response plan and proper training help ensure that those charged with responding will know their responsibilities and what they are expected to do during an emergency situation.

Creating your plan

The emergency management consulting team of Marsh Risk Consulting (MRC) works with your team to create an emergency response plan that is customized to your risks and response needs. Our process:

  • Frees your personnel from the often time-consuming task of plan development.
  • Helps ensure easy adoption when complete.
  • Provides plan formats that are easy to use during implementation.

Historically, companies that successfully anticipate and manage risks:

  • Are better positioned in the marketplace.
  • Build stronger reputational equity.
  • Are better able to steer their companies toward more efficient operations and increased value over the long term.

Industries we serve

MRC’s emergency and security management consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering emergency response plans for a wide range of industries and locations, including:

  • Heavy manufacturing (including integrated steel mills).
  • Auto and truck assembly.
  • Chemical processors.
  • Medical equipment manufacturers.
  • Hospitality/resort operations.
  • Professional sport venues.
  • Food processors.
  • Corporate offices/high-rise buildings.
  • Primary and secondary educational institutions.
  • Retail operations.
  • Performing arts theatres.
  • Community/human services foundations.

Services we offer

MRC’s emergency management professionals will help you establish the right emergency management process and program in your organization.

Our engagements range from assessments and planning to training and exercising.

Assessments. We evaluate your current program and plans, identify potential gaps and/or weaknesses and propose solutions to correct any gaps noted.

Planning. Our planning approach provides a framework that lets your participants interact throughout the process. We make every attempt to retain whatever good planning you already have in place, then establish or enhance your plan using proven planning methodologies. Our approach is based on years of real response experience and a keen understanding of best practices.

Our plans consider regulatory requirements, using an “all-hazards” approach in developing plans and adopting the Incident Command System (ICS) when possible and appropriate. Wherever necessary, we identify:

  • Emergency evacuation assembly areas.
  • Areas to shelter.
  • Critical utility shut-off points.
  • High hazard areas.

Plans are available in both hard copy and electronically, so updates can be easily made and document control enhanced. We can also develop emergency flip-chart guides to help communicate emergency response plans, down to the employee/staff level. We also develop “tool kits” and model emergency response plans that can be easily revised so they are site-specific at multiple locations, while bringing planning consistency across an entire organization.

Training and Exercising. Our team of expert trainers and senior facilitators provide training on the use of your emergency response plan and protocols. Our team has conducted and facilitated hundreds of tabletop and full-scale exercises, and can help validate the process with your key response personnel.

Other services

MRC also provides a full range of preparedness services and support in other aspects of response and security management planning, crisis management, and real time response.

Our Emergency and Security Management group is part of MRC’s Reputational Risk & Crisis Management Practice. The group’s integrated solutions are tailored to meet needs that include:

  • Risk management optimization.
  • Supply chain.
  • Business continuity.
  • Property risk control.
  • Workforce solutions.
  • Enterprise risk management.
  • Analytics.
  • Forensic accounting.
  • Claims consulting.

MRC’s consultants can help you address these issues by providing risk consulting services that include:

  • Gap analyses and assessments.
  • Strategic advice and counsel, senior management presentations.
  • Plan and documentation development.
  • Training and exercises.
  • Development/enhancement of self-sustaining preparedness programs.
  • Annual plan and capability maintenance, and awareness programs.