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Ergonomics Services

Whether in an office setting or on a production floor, companies face challenging ergonomics risks that can affect productivity and contribute to rising workers’compensation claims. Many organizations lack an informed methodology to assess their exposures. Marsh Advisory's workplace productivity and ergonomics consultants can help. We analyze worksites and assist in developing cost-effective strategies to avoid or mitigate workers’ compensation claims and lost productivity through targeted ergonomics services.

Who It's For:

  • Organizations wanting to reduce their workers’ compensation costs and enhance workplace productivity.
  • Organizations seeking to improve their ergonomics-related metrics, methodologies, and programs.
  • Organizations seeking to create or sustain worker safety and health performance.

What You Get:

  • A cost-effective methodology to prioritize ergonomics activities on high-risk areas.
  • Positively reinforced correct procedures providing long-term motivation to maintain proper behaviors.
  • A system that can cut costs by identifying issues early, thus reducing medical and indemnity costs.
  • Experienced staff, including certified professional ergonomists.

Service Highlights

Exposure Mapping

Our ergonomics exposure mapping tool provides organizations with a cost-effective methodology to prioritize ergonomics activities and investments on high-risk exposures. To determine the relative risk of various tasks performed, our consultants rank potential exposure by combining professionally-observed job/task risks and applicable loss history.

Job Analysis

Marsh Advisory's consultants complete an in-depth ergonomics analysis of specific jobs or tasks that drive workers’ compensation claims costs or present a high degree of potential for injury as identified by our ergonomics exposure mapping tool.

The job analysis includes task observations, videotaping, informal on-the-job interviewing of employees and other stakeholders, workstation measurement, cycle time measurements, and exposure documentation. We then develop a broad range of ergonomics solutions, including engineering, work method, and administrative controls.

Lean Ergonomics

When ergonomics control measures are not integrated in lean process improvement initiatives, the risks from other exposures (awkward postures and motions, required forces, etc.) may become amplified. Our ergonomists can help companies integrate ergonomics into their lean processes by identifying the natural connection points within systems, then training staff on the skills they need to successfully identify risks, implement appropriate control measures, and measure their impact. Lean ergonomics utilizes continuous improvement principles to transform your risk factors into improvement enablers and competitive advantage sustainability.

Integrated Systems

Organizations often lack a comprehensive approach to their various lean, ergonomics, and behavioral safety processes that impact expected improvement gains and return on investment. Changing or reinforcing behaviors that support lean and ergonomics improvement goals is difficult, as many organizations lack proper benchmarking, measurement, and feedback processes.

Marsh Advisory can assist clients in implementing an integrated process to reinforce optimal, safe employee work performance. This integrated, metrics-driven process provides the long-term motivation to maintain necessary behaviors, reducing the variations in individual employee performance that can lead to injuries and errors. A team of ergonomics and behavioral consultants focus on workflow, material delivery and orientation, employee pathways, and maintenance issues that affect behaviors. They then work with your staff to develop engineered solutions that make the optimal behavior easier to perform, increasing the likelihood that the correct procedures will be performed every time. Behavioral observations provide opportunities for feedback and reinforcement, while metrics link corporate leadership, management, and supervision to worker performance.

Call Intake and Resolution System

Our award-winning call intake and resolution system tracks each safety/ergonomics concern, automatically generates an action plan, and then monitors each concern or issue through resolution and subsequent follow-up. With consistent and prompt response to employee safety/ergonomics concerns, the system can cut costs by identifying issues early, thus reducing medical and indemnity costs.

Ergonomics Management Process Design

Marsh Advisory can tailor a written ergonomics management process to reflect your operations, management style, and culture. We use a team of ergonomics, claims management, and medical management consultants to design the critical elements of this integrated program. The end product is measurable, sustainable, and efficient.

Gap Analysis

Our ergonomics gap analysis is a structured audit process designed to identify gaps in your ergonomics management process affecting overall effectiveness and outcomes. It compares current practices with a set of rating criteria, evaluating your ergonomics management systems by applying key performance indicators drawn from recognized best practices in ergonomics.

Ergonomics Training

Education and training are vital for an effective implementation of any ergonomics program. Our consultants can design training systems that reflect your organizational structure and staff capabilities.

We can provide effective training, targeting specific roles and operational environments. The training presented to managers and supervisors, office employees, and the production staff should be unique, since their exposures and solutions are quite different. We also provide training for your engineering staff to enable key staff members to incorporate ergonomics design concepts into future workstations and production lines.