Employee Management

Marsh Advisory employs a proactive approach to controlling workers' compensation costs by involving all levels of management with information sharing — and holding the front-line supervisor accountable to facilitate the employee’s prompt return.

All companies are affected by the costs of workers' compensation claims that get out of control. Identifying the direct cost of loss is far easier than identifying indirect costs to your business when your most skilled employees are no longer available. With today's skilled-labor shortages, getting all injured employees promptly back to work is imperative.

When you team with us, you can reduce your overall workers' compensation costs, as well as return injured employees to the workplace as quickly as possible.

What you receive

When you work with Marsh Advisory, you can count on:

  • A comprehensive post-loss process that’s specific to your unique needs.
  • Extensive training of all levels of your management and staff on the workers' compensation process.
  • A program that integrates with those directly involved in managing workers' compensation claims, including:
  • Management and staff of all involved departments, both safety and operations.
  • Claims adjusters, to ensure they understand company specific procedures.
  • Treating physicians, so they have a complete understanding of the role of the injured employee (enabling appropriate light duty to be assigned if appropriate).
  • Continuation of the program pilot, monitoring and measurement tools, and follow-up training and support as needed.