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Casualty Consulting

In today’s environment, numerous pressures can affect an organization’s workforce, ability to manage claims, vendor management, and capital available for investment.

Marsh Advisory's Casualty Consulting Solutions can help. We bring experienced, credentialed experts to the table to help you improve your workplace health and safety practices, streamline claims and vendor management practices, and leverage sophisticated analytic tools to reduce your workers’ compensation claims and liability costs.

What differentiates us in the marketplace

  • Specialized workforce solutions for business challenges, combined with industry expertise, that help you maintain health and safety standards and consistency.
  • Our award-winning ergonomics call intake/resolution management, which streamlines reporting to resolution, leverages live support, and helps you reduce costs and better serve your employees’ needs.
  • Our CIW closure rates exceed 30%, with the majority of all claims closing with reductions in total incurred values — and with less than 2% reopened.
  • Our insurance coverage explorer solution allows you capture and access insurance policies, supporting documents, and important coverage details. This enables you to utilize the value of your insurance portfolio and maximize the ability of your insurance program to respond to current and future liabilities.
  • Our team of data analysts can leverage our proprietary database of over seven million casualty claims, to run a series of comparative metrics.

With Marsh Advisory’s expertise and innovative solutions, you can meet the labor and financial objectives and expectations of your key stakeholders, including board of directors, the C-suite, the government, and/or employees and lower your total cost of risk.