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FEMA Guidance for Education, Government and Health Care Entities During COVID-19 Webcast

COVID-19 is an unprecedented public health emergency that has placed tremendous stress on many sectors in the U.S. In accordance with the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act under the Public Assistance program, FEMA may provide assistance for emergency protective measures.

Leaders from Marsh’s education, MMC public sector innovation, and forensic accounting and claims services came together to answer your questions and provide guidance around:

  • FEMA’s Role & Programs
  • The Four Tiers of Eligibility
  • Public Assistance Process & Timeline
  • Procurement & Contracts
  • Project Worksheets

Watch the replay to learn about the steps that you can take now to assist you with your FEMA filing.

Marsh Panelists:

  • Jean Demchak, Leader, Education & Public Entity
  • Daniel Kaniewski, Managing Director, Public Sector Innovation  MMC Advantage
  • Kerri Owens, Forensic Accounting and Claims Services
  • Cynthia Hubert, Forensic Accounting and Claims Services
  • Ryan Stykel, Forensic Accounting and Claims Services
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