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Accelerated digitization

Sophisticated cybercrimes have pushed cybersecurity up the C-suite agenda. Breaches due to poor vendor and people management processes can cause severe business interruption and brand damage.

People management practices have not kept pace with other technological developments

Cybersecurity, loss of personal information, and system obsolescence risks are even more heightened given how HR data is maintained and benefits and other HR programs are delivered.

Rapid digital transformation is the constant of our time. As digitization accelerates, there is an ever-growing risk that your people strategy will be out of step with the future-forward needs of your business. In fact, 75% of HR and risk managers agree or strongly agree that accelerated digitization poses a serious threat to their business, according to our Five Pillars of People Risk 2021 survey.

HR technologies also need to keep pace with employee expectations: only 50% of companies felt that their workers had a great user experience when it comes to HR technology, according to the Employee Benefits and Technology Trends Report. In many organizations, figuring out how to enroll and access benefits continues to be a paper-intensive and frustrating experience.

Ease this frustration through digital “front doors” or hubs that give employees easy access to well-being programs and an intuitive benefits experience. This means you can engage better with your people and support them during moments that matter. It also provides you with better cost visibility and utilization insights.

MMB can help you

Mercer Marsh Benefits can help you demonstrate your commitment to a modern approach to health and benefits through digital tools like Darwin, which enhance the employee experience while reducing risk.

In support of this digitization, we can create a dynamic learning curriculum for those involved in benefits management to ensure they participate in the “race to reskill” and proactively seize new opportunities brought by digital. We can also support collaboration efforts across functions to assess whether the risk of a data breach associated with your HR data is sufficiently mitigated.

Working together with Mercer Marsh Benefits enables you to take advantage of opportunities to enhance your employees’ access to quality healthcare through more affordable digital solutions and improve your overall business resilience.


The five pillars of people risk: Managing risks for business and workforce resilience

Our research examines 25 of the most pertinent threats to employers today to help stakeholders identify, understand and prioritize which risks should be addressed through employee benefits plans, health insurance and other initiatives to minimize the impact to their organization.


of HR and risk managers agree that accelerated digitization poses a serious threat to their business.


say cybersecurity issues are likely, and 59% say these risks could have a catastrophic impact.

Explore how digital innovation can help guide employers to better understand unmet healthcare needs, solutions, and opportunities.

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