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Senior Living & LTC: Holiday tips for senior living and memory care

For seniors living with dementia, holiday activity can cause disruption. Hear recommendations for helping senior living and long-term care residents successfully traverse the season.

For seniors living with dementia, the hustle and bustle of holiday activity can cause disruption and lead to feelings of confusion, loneliness, and anxiousness. Recognizing these emotions and knowing how to help residents cope is paramount for senior living and long-term care providers.

In this episode of Risk Insights: Senior Living and LTC, host Tara Clayton sits down with Shavaughn Carey, associate director at the Alzheimer's Association, to discuss some holiday “dos and don’ts,” and the importance of person-centered care.

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Key takeaways

Extending grace and exuding patience

Visitors and staff alike may have a flood of different emotions during the holidays. Having that understanding on both sides can help ensure a successful visit.

Consistency is key

To minimize feelings of anxiousness and confusion, endeavor to keeps residents’ schedules as consistent as possible and look for changes in a resident’s usual activity.

Counsel families for successful outcomes

Be sure that families are aware of things may upset their loved ones during this busy season and provide suggestions on ways to promote comfort and joy.

About our speakers

Tara	Clayton

Tara Clayton

Client Executive, Senior Living and LTC Industry Practice

Tara Clayton is a client executive in Marsh’s Senior Living and LTC Industry Practice. In this role, she advises clients with strategic and tactical advice concerning effective general and professional claim resolution, risk management, and strategies to obtain maximum insurance coverage across lines of coverage. Tara’s expertise with complex litigation and creative risk management initiatives helps reduce costs, enhance value, and increase client control of their risk management programs.

Shavaughn Carey

Shavaughn Carey

Shavaughn Carey is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and associate director with the Alzheimer's Association 24/7 Helpline, responsible for providing support, coaching, and guidance to Helpline agents and care consultants. Shavaughn's knowledge and expertise enable her to address concerns presented by constituents affected by Alzheimer's and other dementias.