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Post-Loss Damage Assessment and Business Recovery Management: Hurricanes

Marsh Advisory's team of professionals can respond anywhere in the United States within 48 hours of an incident to provide you with proactive, on-the-ground support to help manage your crisis.

Hurricane Claims Preparation, Recovery Management, and Advocacy

Recovery from a catastrophic event such as a hurricane can be essential to your company’s finances, operations, and overall success. Marsh Advisory's Claims Solutions can help your company – no matter the industry – prepare for and work through the numerous claims-related issues that may follow a hurricane.

A critical first step is to have a claims management preparedness plan in place that includes protocols for communication and recovery activities with key partners such as your broker, insurer(s) and independent adjusters, and other adjustment team members and key specialists. Our Claims Solution team can support your development of such a plan so that when a tropical storm or hurricane strikes, the right resources can be activated and possibly contentious claims issues resolved quickly.

Following a catastrophic loss, our forensic accounting and claims professionals can respond almost anywhere in the world to provide you with on-the-ground support to help manage your recovery. Paired with our visual intelligence service – which leverages aerial networks, drones, and non-standard data sets – our advisors can help provide your teams with real-time insights for initial loss projections.

After major hurricanes, we helped clients prepare, manage, and advocate for coverage on hundreds of complex claims totaling billions of dollars. We provided the claims leadership and other resources needed to help our clients manage the claim recovery process for their losses, focus their attention on their employees and community, and achieve a timely recovery and return to business.

Here's how we can help you meet your post-loss recovery objectives.

Preparing Your Insurance Claims

Hurricanes can have far-reaching implications if your company does business in an affected region — whether physically located there or if your customers or suppliers are impacted.

We can provide post-event loss analysis of:

  • Property damage
  • Extra expense
  • Business interruption
  • Contingent time element
  • Service interruption
  • Civil authority and ingress/egress
  • Supply chain disruptions

We use powerful, proprietary tools to assist in expediting your claim recovery. Our claims tools are highly customizable, easy-to-use systems that provide quick and secure online access to project information, helping you to communicate and share critical information with insurers and adjusters. They also allow you to share information, manage documents from start to finish, and review and provide comments.

Managing Your Claims Project

Large casualty and property losses following a hurricane can be extremely complex from a data and stakeholder standpoint. Complex management issues may exceed the scope of your resources and capabilities, particularly if the hurricane occurred in a location where you are unfamiliar with local regulations, procedures, and customs.

Our claims project managers travel to loss sites worldwide and assist in managing clients’ claim processes with stakeholders, including home office and local personnel, repair contractors, and loss adjusters. They can provide timely claims status reports and identify critical claims issues— so you can resolve them before they develop into challenges that could delay recovery.

These efforts can help improve recovery efforts and reduce losses, enabling you to dedicate resources to the well-being of your employees and to resuming operations.

Advocating on Your Behalf

With over 150 claims advocacy team members in the US alone, we have the capacity to assist you immediately following an event with claims notifications and outreach to insurers. And we will be with you every step of the way through the claim review process to help maximize your recovery and expedite your return to normal.

For more information on how we can help you respond to and recover from a hurricane loss, please talk to your Marsh representative or click here to contact us.

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