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Senior Living & LTC: Disaster recovery – What’s your game plan?

Hear about steps that community owners and operators should take to ensure they are in the best possible position to emerge from a property loss quickly and effectively.

When developing a property protection plan, there is no shortage of man-made and natural perils to consider. And when disaster does strike, having a game plan — one that identifies the coach, skill players, and special teams — is essential to a successful recovery.  

Listen as Risk Insights: Senior Living & LTC podcast host Tara Clayton and disaster recovery specialist Wade Miller delve into the pre- and post-event process, detailing the steps that community owners and operators should take to ensure they are in the best possible position to return to the game quickly and effectively after a property loss.

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Key takeaways

You call the plays

Remember that while your specialists are experts in their respective fields, they are working for you and should take direction from you.




Prepare for every contingency

Create exhaustive checklists that take into account not only different causes of loss but also logistics and operations for each of your physical properties.

Don’t forget about the owners

If your financial partners have ownership interest, keep in mind that they may have additional insurance requirements that need to be satisfied.

Our speakers

Tara	Clayton

Tara Clayton

Client Executive, Senior Living and LTC Industry Practice

Tara Clayton is a client executive in Marsh’s Senior Living and LTC Industry Practice. In this role, she advises clients with strategic and tactical advice concerning effective general and professional claim resolution, risk management, and strategies to obtain maximum insurance coverage across lines of coverage. Tara’s expertise with complex litigation and creative risk management initiatives helps reduce costs, enhance value, and increase client control of their risk management programs.

Wade Miller

Wade Miller

President, OneRallyPoint

Wade Miller is the president of OneRallyPoint, a disaster recovery oversight and management firm which provides comprehensive property loss-control management services. Wade has over 35 years’ experience working with large companies to identify the causes of persistent issues — and then design, strategize, and create tactical plans to solve them.