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Senior Living & LTC: Employing AI - Balancing opportunities and challenges

Explore the use of AI in the employment context and understand the potential risks and discriminatory impact associated with it.

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the employment context is not new, but it is evolving and growing. Utilizing AI in employee training and development can enhance learning experiences and personalize training programs, analyze employee performance data, and provide targeted recommendations for skill development and career advancement. But as employers look to AI to create efficiencies, they must also be mindful of the need for transparency, human oversight, and continuous testing and auditing of AI tools.

In this episode of Risk Insights: Senior Living & LTC, host Tara Clayton and La'Vonda McLean, Employment Practices Liability and Wage & Hour Product Leader at Marsh, explore the use of AI in the employment context and the potential risks and discriminatory impact associated with it.

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Key takeaways

Garbage in, garbage out

Verify that data used in the context of employment is unbiased and free from discriminatory characteristics to avoid the risks of algorithmic and unconscious bias.

Compliance is your responsibility

Employers are ultimately responsible for the tools they purchase and utilize and must be certain that these tools are used in compliance with state and federal employment protections.

Ethical considerations are crucial

Regularly review and update employee handbooks, policies, and procedures to ensure compliance with evolving employment laws and regulations.

Our speakers

Tara	Clayton

Tara Clayton

Client Executive, Senior Living and LTC Industry Practice

Tara Clayton is a client executive in Marsh’s Senior Living and LTC Industry Practice. In this role, she advises clients with strategic and tactical advice concerning effective general and professional claim resolution, risk management, and strategies to obtain maximum insurance coverage across lines of coverage. Tara’s expertise with complex litigation and creative risk management initiatives helps reduce costs, enhance value, and increase client control of their risk management programs.

La'Vonda McLean

La'Vonda McLean

Employment Practices Liability/Wage & Hour Product Leader, FINPRO

La’Vonda McLean serves as Employment Practices Liability (EPL)/Wage & Hour (W&H) Product Leader in the US, providing subject matter thought leadership, market updates, content, and training to clients and colleagues. Previously, La’Vonda worked at a national law firm specializing in labor and employment law.