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Senior Living & LTC: Safeguarding against slips, trips, and falls

Slips, trips, and falls are a leading cause of injury to both residents and associates. Learn what you can do to safeguard your communities.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data (2021) indicates the second leading cause of death from occupational injuries is slips, trips, and falls. And in our 2022 General and Professional Liability Benchmark Report, falls were identified as the number one cause of loss in both senior living and long-term communities. From kitchens and bathrooms to patios and parking lots, both indoor and outdoor settings must be considered when it comes to ensuring the physical safety of both residents and associates.

In this episode of Risk Insights: Senior Living and LTC, host Tara Clayton sits down with Scott Bertulis, leader of casualty risk services for Marsh's Senior Living & LTC Industry Practice. Drawing from their combined experience, the two counsel owners and operators on best practices for protecting their employees and residents. 

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Key takeaways

Safety is everyone's responsibility

Don't pass the buck when it comes to resident and associate safety. The first person who sees the hazard should be the person to address it.

Seek solutions to frequent problems

Use your loss history data to highlight recurring claims and guide your improvement efforts.

Measure and monitor progress

Develop a safety improvement plan that has defined actions, regularly evaluate progress, and commit to refocusing your goals if your plan isn't yielding the desired results.

About our speakers

Tara	Clayton

Tara Clayton

Client Executive, Senior Living and LTC Industry Practice

Tara Clayton is a client executive in Marsh’s Senior Living and LTC Industry Practice. In this role, she advises clients with strategic and tactical advice concerning effective general and professional claim resolution, risk management, and strategies to obtain maximum insurance coverage across lines of coverage. Tara’s expertise with complex litigation and creative risk management initiatives helps reduce costs, enhance value, and increase client control of their risk management programs.

Scott Bertulis

Scott Bertulis

Senior Vice President Risk Control, Senior Living and LTC Industry Practice

Scott Bertulis is the leader of casualty risk services for Marsh’s Senior Living & LTC Industry Practice, US and Canada. Scott’s areas of expertise include workers’ compensation pre- and post-loss management, OSHA and DOT compliance, safety policy and procedure development, safe resident handling, ergonomics, and staff training and education.