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Active Assailant Risk: Claims management and mitigation considerations

Episode 4 in a four-episode podcast on active assailant risk.

When something bad happens, thoughtful policies and procedures can be your first line of defense. But despite your best efforts, you may still end up in court.

In this fourth and final episode of our Active Assailant Risk podcast, host Dave Rapp is joined by prominent Los Angeles defense attorney, Reggie Roberts. Together they discuss precedent setting cases, the importance of “reasonable foreseeability,” and recommendations for managing litigation.

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Key takeaways

Reasonable forseeability is expanding

From a legal perspective, the net is widening with regard to "what you should have seen coming" based on your previous experiences.

Be proactive

When a situation arises, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Preserve evidence. Notify legal counsel. Conduct a thorough investigation of the incident.

The best defense is a good offense

Should you have to defend a claim, be able to demonstrate that you did everything possible to prevent the situation from happening in the first place.

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Active Assailant Risk: Exposure modeling and insurance solutions

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About our speakers

Dave Rapp

Dave Rapp

Managing Director, Casualty Advisory Practice

As a senior casualty advisor, Dave Rapp is responsible for directing and coordinating the delivery of the casualty service model to all clients, while expanding the capabilities and strategy for Marsh’s casualty team in the pacific south region.

Previously, Dave served for eight years as the Group Director of Risk Management for Westfield Shopping Centers, a global real estate shopping center management company that operates large-scale shopping centers in 13 countries.  He was responsible for managing insurance and claims, enterprise risk management (ERM), loss control and safety, and crisis management and business continuity programs.

Reginald	Roberts, Jr.

Reginald Roberts, Jr.

Partner, Sanders Roberts LLP

Mr. Roberts has been handling complex employment and business litigation issues for more than 15 years, relentlessly defending public and private clients in matters that stand to critically impact their lives and livelihoods: from discrimination and harassment to wrongful termination, breach of contract to insurance coverage disputes, premises liability to wrongful death.

Mr. Roberts organizes and litigates cases in state and federal courts for clients ranging from global corporations and financial institutions to municipalities and individuals. In the interest of clients’ financial and organizational health, he also works with them to prevent and diffuse disputes, providing counsel on litigation avoidance strategies as well as risk analysis.