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Active Assailant Risk: Workplace violence and threat other than shooters

Episode 2 in a four-episode podcast on active assailant risk.

Incidents of workplace violence are frequently headline news. And while some industries are more vulnerable than others, no workplace is immune to the threat within its four walls. But there are things businesses can do to prevent situations before they start.

Jonathan Frost, former law enforcement officer and current Senior Security Consultant at Marsh Advisory, sits down with host Dave Rapp to discuss actions companies can take — from awareness to training to support services — to ensure the best possible preparation and protection in the event of a workplace violence incident.

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Key takeaways

Know the warning signs

Changes in personality or work performance, personal or financial difficulties, increased use of alcohol or drugs — all of these and more can indicate that trouble is brewing.

Encourage communication

Provide easy and anonymous channels for employees to express concerns about co-workers who they perceive to be going through challenges that may escalate to violent behavior.

Provide training; conduct drills

In an emergency situation, it's important to have trained for incident response so that panic does not take over. Knowing what to do in the moment can save lives.

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About our speakers

Dave Rapp

Dave Rapp

Managing Director, Casualty Advisory Practice

As a senior casualty advisor, Dave Rapp is responsible for directing and coordinating the delivery of the casualty service model to all clients, while expanding the capabilities and strategy for Marsh’s casualty team in the pacific south region.

Previously, Dave served for eight years as the Group Director of Risk Management for Westfield Shopping Centers, a global real estate shopping center management company that operates large-scale shopping centers in 13 countries.  He was responsible for managing insurance and claims, enterprise risk management (ERM), loss control and safety, and crisis management and business continuity programs.

Jonathan Frost

Jonathan Frost

Senior Property Risk Consultant, Consulting Solutions, Marsh Advisory

Jonathan Frost is a Senior Security Consultant in Marsh Advisory. His extensive security background started as Marine assigned to Camp David. Jonathan continued to gain knowledge in emergency response as a police officer for more than a decade.