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Visual Intelligence Services

Leveraging the latest sensors, platforms, analytics, and reporting engines, Marsh Advisory helps clients make critical business decisions using visual intelligence from drone, aerial, satellite, and other imagery.

A picture on its own speaks volumes. However, when combined with sophisticated analytics, measurements, assessments, 3D modelling, crowdsourcing, and risk advisory, it can drive innumerable better strategic and claims outcomes.

Marsh Advisory’s visual intelligence services are uniquely driven by our deep understanding of your business needs and evolving risk factors. Through strategic relationships with premier technology providers globally, we leverage the latest sensors, platforms, advanced analytics visualization environments, and reporting engines to support clients across retail, real estate, energy and power, entertainment, construction, financial services, and many other sectors.

Our timely, targeted, and clearly communicated intelligence, helps you:

  • Respond faster and more safely to events.
  • Better support complex claims preparation, documentation, and loss negotiations.
  • Solve challenging pre-loss and post-loss problems.
  • Reduce the potential for disagreements with insurers and other claims stakeholders.

We also can assist you with integrating custom capabilities into your risk management practices and operational procedures.

With access to the largest technology stack in the market, our visual intelligence experts draw upon commercial and government satellites, high-quality standardized products from aerial networks, and highly-skilled drone operators around the world that deploy optical and thermal systems. We also source from non-standard data sets, including social media and CCTV footage, crowdsourced imagery, lidar DTMs, predictive impact models, and interferometric radar.

Our team of insurance and risk management specialists provides visual intelligence services and consulting solutions worldwide. Our deep subject matter expertise in visual intelligence, mission planning, analytics, and risk, working closely with our claims advocates, has been utilized by insureds and insurers for nearly a decade. No matter how complex the challenge, we are ready to help.

Visual Intelligence Services Case Study: Rapid Damage Assessment Following a Hurricane

A global manufacturer had multiple installations affected by a major hurricane. Our client evacuated its staff and was unable to assess the damage to its facilities due to access issues. We coordinated drone missions and video collection through a local partner and developed a comprehensive damage assessment report as a result. The report was extremely useful to the client, its primary carrier, and its loss adjuster, given the access challenges. Ultimately, with involvement by claims preparation experts in our financial advisory services and our claims advocates, a multi-million dollar settlement was reached.