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An easy-to-use placement and advisory app providing you with timely information on program structures, rates, and trends.

PlaceMAP has been designed to make our placement analytics, insights, and expertise more accessible to clients, enabling a deeper understanding for capital and risk management decision making. With this updated tool, we are able to select potential new insurance structures by viewing the markets and pricing that best align with clients’ objectives. PlaceMAP helps our clients better understand carrier capacity, interest, and performance. We can access near real-time information flows for better collaboration between clients and markets. Data flows to PlaceMAP directly from Marsh’s transactional databases, supporting data credibility and capacity.

PlaceMAP contains the following dashboards:

Benchmarking and purchasing trends

Access to top industry benchmarking for 300+ lines of business. More than 40 filters allow you to study and contrast exposure/program characteristics and pricing in near real-time.

Carrier compare

Access to pricing changes at a carrier level, as well as carrier capacity and appetite.

Placement workbench 

Provides you with Marsh's digital broker experience. Your Marsh broker has a 360-degree view of your risk on this page, as well as access to information about available capacity in the US and globally, potential program structures and renewal rates.

Your rates and programs

Your program details broken down to each layer and participation are housed here, with the opportunity to compare rates per layer and carrier, as well as for your total program.

With PlaceMAP we support you to dynamically explore risk financing options, and determine your optimal risk financing structures and risk mitigation investments .

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