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Blue[i] Risk Finance Optimization

A dynamic interface for informed decision making.


Get a strategic view of your portfolio across different lines of coverage


Improve and augment your insurance strategies


Demonstrate to stakeholders your program is effective for your risk profile

Marsh’s Blue[i]® Risk Finance OptimizationSM (RFOSM) is a solution that combines Marsh’s unparalleled risk advisory and analytics services with technology to provide real-time, actionable insights to help you make informed decisions across your risk portfolio.  

Blue[i]® RFOSM allows you to minimize your total cost of risk while maximizing your volatility protection. With loss projections tailored to your unique business and financial risk profile, you are able to adjust your strategies and assess your risk appetite at both the portfolio and product line level. Assessing your risk appetite, exposure to insurable risk, cost of capital, and cost of insurance allows you to determine how different program options would impact your organization.

You can get the comprehensive answers you need when you need them from Marsh’s Advisory and risk analytics specialists, and access analytics tools and modeling in real time. Blue[i] RFO can help you:

  • Obtain a holistic view of business and financial risk
  • Enhance insurance strategies
  • Validate your decision-making

Like all of our solutions, Blue[i] RFO is backed by Marsh’s experienced team of risk management specialists, who leverage insights from our data to advise you on customized strategies and approaches for your business.


Blue[i] RFO analytics is part of Marsh’s suite of Blue[i] analytics solutions that integrate our industry-leading proprietary data, advanced digital technology, and innovative risk intelligence platform to deliver actionable insights.

Blue[i] RFO analytics is a solution that provides real-time, actionable insights to help you make informed decisions across your risk portfolio and within individual lines of business.

Blue[i] RFO analytics provides new insights into your coverage lines across your businesses, helping you obtain a full strategic view of your portfolio of risk.

With loss projections tailored to your unique risk profile, you can assess your risk appetite, cost of capital, and your ground-up loss potential.

Then, you can observe the value and impact of your current insurance program versus potential alternatives in terms of the amount of risk you retain and your cost of risk. You can also assess limit adequacy by individual peril, as compared to your loss potential and peers.

You can even evaluate the efficiency of each layer of an insurance program to identify opportunities to enhance program structure and compare the relative performance of each program strategy as it relates to minimizing cost, minimizing volatility, or balancing the two.

Like all of our solutions, Blue[i] RFO analytics is backed by Marsh’s unmatched team of specialists who, empowered with the solution’s holistic view of risk, can help you develop creative, custom solutions for your organization’s needs.

Why Marsh

We live in a world of change. Technology is advancing, ways of working are shifting, and new risks are emerging. Climate change, geopolitical strife, and economic uncertainty are only a few of the dynamics driving volatility in today’s environment.

Business leaders need more than static views for risk planning; they require a dynamic solution that enables them to respond to a changing environment with confidence, anchored by industry-leading data insights and expertise.

Successfully navigating the risk landscape requires a commitment to take on the challenges of our time, reimagining risk and resilience. Blue[i] RFO helps you understand and optimize the value and protection of your insurance programs across your portfolio of risks in real time using loss projections at the portfolio and product-line level.

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Raj Lakhani

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