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Health trends report

How to manage the costs and risks of employer-provided healthcare in a changing world.

The top trends shaping employer-provided healthcare

MMB’s Health Trends global survey of 210 insurers across 59 countries identified four key themes driving the future of employer-provided healthcare.

Top trends shaping employer-provided health and benefits

Medical trend rates and claims are increasing

COVID-19 is impacting claims experience

Prevention and self-care are needed to mitigate health risks

Health equity in medical plans is a growing priority


Global medical trend rate for 2022


insurers are making changes to their benefits offering in response to the pandemic


Rank of metabolic and cardiovascular risk in a list of risk factors influencing employer-sponsored group medical costs


insurers are reviewing medical networks to ensure diversity of providers

These trends are important for employers to consider as while many firms have latitude in designing their benefit plan to meet their needs, insurers play a key role in shaping the benefits landscape. They do this through their standard practices and policy language, their willingness to adopt new provisions, and their access to large pools of claims data. 

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A bite-sized overview of the key findings from this year’s research.

A significant number of insurers are adding innovative features to medical products, ranging from digital health and self-care tools to ways of connecting individuals with better quality care.

Explore digital and self-care solutions and services provided via a typical employer-sponsored group benefit plan, and how to embed them into your benefit plans.

Self-care solutions are highly valued by employees

Digital health self-care solutions are more available than ever before

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