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Data and Analytics for Aerospace Manufacturers

Using Marsh’s innovative data and analytics tools, aerospace manufacturers can better understand their risks and make informed buying decisions on their insurance and risk management program.


Our proprietary data and analytics tool, AeroSight, is designed to help aerospace risk professionals make informed buying decisions.

The tool enables us to examine historical and current market trends — including premiums, retentions, exposure, and limits.

Using anonymized information, our data and analytics team will benchmark your insurance program, and help you identify opportunities for improvement ahead of renewal meetings.

Our robust dataset covers:

  • 77+ underwriting partners.
  • 55 manufacturing aerospace clients.
  • Over US$1.45 billion in premium.
  • Upwards of US$265 billion in product liability limits.

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DataPac is a user-friendly interactive data visualisation tool for aerospace manufacturers that provides a deep dive analysis of their risk portfolio.

It empowers you to understand your insurance performance on a granular level and consider new solutions and strategies to improve your total cost of risk. Our robust dataset can cover more than 30 years of your risk experience.

Key features

  • High level metrics
  • Premium and loss analysis
  • Placement details
  • Loss history
  • Rate on exposure
  • Modeling

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