Food Manufacturers and Processors

The constantly changing farm-to-fork environment presents food and beverage manufacturers and processors with multiple risks coming from a variety of sources. Marsh can help you forecast and effectively manage your priority risks.

The food and beverage manufacturing and processing industry has its fair share of disruptions. As it manages the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, adapts to changing consumer appetites and increasing regulatory pressures, and shifts to sophisticated, high-tech business models, the industry has sought to remain agile and nimble in its operations and its risk management processes.

Food and beverage manufacturing and processing companies should anticipate emerging trends while racing to meet consumer demands. At the same time, companies are navigating a tightening worker and food safety regulatory environment, leveraging new technology, mitigating the effects of severe weather, and paying attention to social issues’ effects on their brand. And there are many more risks, including food safety concerns, cyber threats, and supply chain challenges that can lead to business interruptions.

With over 500 colleagues dedicated to providing expert risk management advice and solutions, Marsh can help food and beverage manufacturers and processors plan for the many risks they face. Our specialists can help you address the potential financial and reputational impacts to your brand.

Resilience planning

Strengthening retail, food, and beverage companies

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Food and beverage manufacturers and processors should consider implementing insurance and risk management strategies to help them mitigate the risks they face and improve their resilience.

Our specialists can provide innovative solutions to your key risks such as:

  • Product safety and performance: We can help you quantify potential exposures, optimize insurance programs, and manage the effects of a recall or safety event.
  • Workplace safety: Our Workers’ Compensation Center of Excellence can help you address a variety of workplace safety risks through an integrated approach to reducing your workers’ compensation costs.
  • Property exposures: We work with you to help you assess, qualify, and quantify your property risks, allowing you to implement appropriate insurance and risk management strategies.
  • Cyber, data, and network security: Our network security and privacy advisors offer consulting and risk transfer services to manage technology, network, and data exposures.
  • Brand and reputation: Our reputational risk and crisis management specialists can help you develop plans to protect your brand, reputation, and intellectual property.