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Today’s farm-to-fork journey is fraught with risks for food and beverage wholesalers and distributors. Marsh helps you navigate your challenges, ranging from food and fleet safety to workers' compensation, property, cyber, and more.

Consumers’ preferences and demands are constantly evolving and growing more sophisticated. As a result, food and beverage wholesalers and distributors are utilizing more complex, global supply chains that can be disrupted by natural hazards, shipping accidents, worker strikes, disease outbreaks, and more.

Food and beverage wholesalers and distributors are investing in various advanced technologies to improve their production processes. At the same time, they are being called upon to balance their changing business models with social responsibility, with special attention to food sourcing, climate impacts, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. These and many other factors are fast becoming major influences in consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Marsh’s team of specialists understands the evolving landscape and risks faced by food and beverage wholesalers and distributors. We can help you identify your most pressing challenges. Our specialists will work with you to develop an effective risk mitigation strategy and risk transfer solution to help address your changing business and resilience needs.

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As food and beverage wholesalers and distributors evolve to adapt to changing customer demands, they face various risks, including:

  • Cyber risk: Companies’ increased use of technology throughout their business operations intensifies the potential for cyberattacks, which can cause multiple challenges, including business interruption, loss of revenue, and reputation damage.
  • Fleet safety: Drivers who spend long hours on the road while transporting food in large fleets are generally more prone to accidents that can lead to significant damages.
  • Food safety: When proper measures aren’t taken to keep food in the right conditions, there is a real concern of contamination while the product is en route to a destination or is in storage.
  • Property: Severe weather events can cause substantial damage to the warehouses and facilities of food and beverage wholesalers and distributors and the infrastructure they rely on to transport goods to their destination.
  • Workers’ compensation: Employee injuries tend to be one of the largest contributors to total cost of risk for these organizations due to the highly manual and significant exposure of employees to heavy equipment and machinery.

Our team of specialists are familiar with the risks that you face. We can help you access innovative risk transfer solutions and implement best practice mitigation strategies tailored to your business, from food and worker safety to supply chain, property risks, and more.

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