Independent Contractor Financial Services

A dedicated team of experts to focus exclusively on the needs of independent contractors.

Marsh offers a dedicated team of experts who focus exclusively on the needs of independents. Through our Independent Operator Financial Services Center, Marsh clients can access a comprehensive portfolio of insurance products, investment options and consultative services for your independent operators.

Our specialists stay close to the issues involving the IRS, NLRB and other regulatory agencies, so we can help you maintain an "arms-length" relationship with independent contractors.

Our solutions

You can offer a host of business insurance products to your independent operators at affordable rates, including:

  • Liability Coverage.
  • Health Coverage (individual and family).
  • Auto Physical Damage.
  • Occupational Accident/ Workers' Compensation Insurance.
  • Guest Passenger Accident Coverage.

We use our significant market leverage to aggressively negotiate price and contract terms. And our vast array of skills and expertise can help you develop a unique programs designed to meet your specific needs.

Our approach

We offer a flexible approach to administer your insurance program, to provide exactly the level of involvement you wish — from self-administration using existing record-keeping systems to Internet-based enrollment.

Claims assistance is another way we provide personal service.  Re-establishing the productivity of the contractor is our foremost objective. We will provide the contractor with toll-free numbers and remain involved throughout the claims process.

Our consulting

Our Consultative Service is one of the most unique in the industry. Our trucking experts, with years of experience, can help fleets with specific issues such as:

  • Recruiting and retention. We can assist in the development of a solution to these issues.
  • Start-up operations. If you’re contemplating establishing an independent contractor program, we can help design and implement a complete program, from recruiting to operations management training.
  • Contractor business training. We can provide basic to comprehensive training to your fleet of independent contractors, enabling them to better manage their business.