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Our work with global clients helps us understand the best practices for flood resilience – help you reduce your flood risk.

Whether you are located directly beside a river, lake, or ocean, or even completely landlocked, flooding poses a major threat to both people and property.

Flooding can result from a wide variety of causes, including prolonged periods of rainfall, rapid snowmelt, coastal storm surge, water main breaks, dam failures, and more. The damage caused by floods is immediate. Over the long term, they also can cause widespread business interruption and food and product shortages.

Understanding what is and isn’t included in your coverage, and implementing a comprehensive insurance policy and risk management plan, are critical to minimizing your losses and protecting what matters most from the risks posed by flooding.

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Do you know how climate change is increasing flood risk for your business?

Learn about flood solutions that enable individuals, communities, and businesses to mitigate flood risks and achieve resilience in our 2022 State of Flood Report.

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