Global Safety Excellence Assessment

Global organizations are seeking verification that their operations—regardless of location—comply with corporate objectives and mission statements related to social accountability, green initiatives, and protection of their reputation and brand. Marsh Advisory's award-winning global safety  assessment supports this verification process, using sophisticated technology to enable consistent evaluation, comparing the performance of all locations to client-established criteria. The assessment documentation provides geographically dispersed locations guidance to ensure criteria are applied as intended, regardless of who conducts the evaluation.

Who It's For

  • Organizations wanting to ensure that corporate commitments are fulfilled by their company-branded global operations and, in some cases, by their supply chain.
  • Management seeking to systematically organize and proactively administer global safety management systems.
  • Companies wanting to improve or sustain safety and health performance by applying successful domestic programs at global locations.

What You Get

  • A data-driven approach enabling prioritization and measurement of incremental progress toward goals.
  • Independent assessments performed by the global network of experienced Marsh Advisory consultants, using state-of-the-art audit technology and reporting capabilities.
  • Flexible, modular format.
  • The ability to license the audit software and Marsh Advisory content, enabling you to conduct some evaluations internally, and to track completion of action items.

Service Highlights

Our global safety assessment is a systematic, data-oriented approach to support achievement of company social and risk management goals. The core safety and health assessment is based on Marsh Advisory's platform, and incorporates key Occupational Health & Safety Advisory Services (OHSAS) 18001 requirements. It was developed by our global network of experienced safety and health consultants to ensure consistency that enables comparison between company units. Assessments are also framed in a manner that allows for recognition of country-specific differences in implementation.

The Global Safety Excellence Assessment flexible assessment infrastructure accommodates the unique issues challenging global organizations today. our leading edge technology combined with a network of seasoned global consultants provides you with a meaningful third-party evaluation of your success in your global efforts to meet corporate commitments.

Flexible, Modular Format

To begin the process of assessment development, your project manager will work with you to understand which corporate goals you wish to evaluate on a global basis. Then we either customize criteria developed by our global network to your unique exposures and operations, input your own assessment into our software, or develop an assessment that is a hybrid of the two approaches. The final assessment tool will assure that our consultants and your staff, even with diverse backgrounds and knowledge levels on the topic being reviewed, consistently implement your core business strategies.

State-of-the-Art Software

The Global Safety Excellence Assessment is supported by a third party software. Our consultants can easily create new or customize existing audits or assessments of any kind. We can provide your staff with printed blank assessments if you prefer to use a combination of our staff and your own to perform the evaluations. We will then input the team’s assessment findings into the software so that we can run findings reports for targeted audiences.

You must purchase a software license if you want to input your own assessment findings, run on-demand reports, and/or utilize the powerful action planning and task assignment functionality of the audit software.

Guidance for Global Operations

The assessment documentation provides guidance to geographically dispersed locations. Site visits are more efficient as global operations are aware of what will be measured and how it will be evaluated, and can prioritize efforts and prepare required documentation. The ability to self-evaluate supports continuous improvement efforts between assessment cycles.

Informative Reports

Report templates enable timely dissemination of selected information to target audiences. Graphical information displays enhance clarity and reader understanding, whether year-over-year results for an individual location or a comparison of sites to each other.

The Global Safety Excellence Assessment Advantage

The Global Safety Excellence Assessment provides global organizations with an opportunity to define objectives for a world-class corporate program, clarify expectations that can increase the likelihood of compliance with program goals, credibly monitor and manage large quantities of collected information through action plan tracking using limited corporate staff, and effectively meet the commitments made to stakeholders.