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Marsh Risk Advisory

We help you anticipate challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities through proactive risk advice that builds resilience and confidence. Our Advisory Solutions bring together specialists and capabilities to help you better manage your risk and maximize your possibilities.

In today's ever-changing and increasingly complex world, businesses are facing a growing number of risks. Geopolitical, pandemic, and regulatory risks are just a few of the challenges that businesses must navigate.

The rapid growth of technology also necessitates readiness to adapt to the newest digital and cyber threats.

To stay ahead of these risks, Marsh brings a team of advisors who can provide insights and advice to help you:

  • Identify and mitigate risks, both known and unknown.
  • Develop strategies to build resilience and improve performance.
  • Lower your cost of risk.
  • Implement new strategies to expand what is possible for your business.

Our needs-based solutions are tailored to your specific goals. We can help you better understand and navigate risk, as well as improve outcomes and maximize controls.

Our risk consulting solutions team works with you to create risk management strategies designed to help you build resilience, applying deep industry expertise, advanced analytics, and specialist global knowledge.

Our analytics solutions provide actionable insights for informed decision-making on managing risk, powered by unrivaled data.

Our comprehensive claims management offering, specialist insight, and market-leading innovations add up to better results for you.

Marsh’s Advisory Solutions help you stay ahead of risk.

Featured insights

Multi-ethnic business people smiling during a meeting in conference room. Team of professionals having meeting in boardroom.



Risk in Context Podcast: Building a resilient organization

Need for organizations to build well-structured and holistic resiliency plans that allow them to respond to multiple crises.

Young black businesswoman in office working on laptop



Risk in Context Podcast: Women embracing opportunities in the risk and insurance industry

Gender diversity is critical in fostering innovation, bringing together different perspectives, and creating a more inclusive work environment.

Business people in a meeting from birds eye view.



Risk in Context Podcast: Executive strategies for managing risks amid a turbulent outlook

Interconnected and multilayered risks are contributing to a pessimistic global outlook for 2024 and beyond.

Marsh Advisory

Helping you keep ahead of risk.


Marsh's Advisory Capabilities

Case studies

Man holding two jigsaw puzzles put together, business management concept and business risk management. Business solutions, success and strategy concept.

Case Study


Building a resilience plan for a Rental company

A UK-based rental company experienced record growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. But with no centralized resilience strategy, the firm was exposed to a high level of disruption.

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Case Study


Managing the transition: TCFD roadmap for an energy business

Marsh’s Advisory team worked with the company to develop an approach with four critical components that included assessment of the current state, quantifying risk exposures, and developing the company’s first TCFD report.

Modern residential apartment buildings with trees

Case Study


Overcoming risk blind spots for a real estate firm

A large Australian firm in the real estate industry was focused mainly on its financial and treasury risks, due in part to its lack of an enterprise risk management (ERM) framework. This low ERM maturity level created blind spots in certain areas and the potential for risk control failures.


Risk is an inevitable part of doing business, and today’s ever-changing environment poses new challenges for companies. It’s important for organizations to link risk management to their strategy, and build a comprehensive approach and plan to manage risks.

Marsh Advisory leverages needs-based solutions ꟷ consulting, analytics, claims management, and captive insurance ꟷ to help you better understand and navigate risk, as well as improve outcomes and maximize controls.​​​​​​​

Risk management is complex and dynamic.

New and existing risks can interrupt day-to-day operations and negatively impact profitability. While risks cannot always be eliminated, they can be managed. Measuring risk exposure, and identifying the most critical internal and external threats that can impact you, is important to protecting your business. Our risk consulting solutions team creates tailored risk management strategies to help you build resilience, informed by our deep industry expertise, advanced analytics, and specialist global knowledge.

We also deliver comprehensive claims management, providing specialist expertise and market leading innovations for better results.

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Giampaolo Scarso

International Leader, Marsh Advisory

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Mike Giacobbe

US and Canada Leader, Marsh Advisory

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