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Expatriate Health Risks

This is vital cover for those who are on foreign assignment and need the proper protection necessary in many foreign territories.

For people working overseas, there can be many hidden pitfalls related to the cost of health care. Not purchasing the right sort of insurance before leaving home can result in individuals having to pay very costly medical bills out of their own pocket. Expatriates can even face problems when temporarily returning home for a holiday.

To assist with the challenge of selecting the international health coverage that suits your needs, Marsh provides you with access to many of the world’s major international health insurers.

Marsh can insure:

  • Expatriates – New Zealand employees on assignment outside New Zealand
  • Non Residents – overseas employees on assignment in New Zealand

Policies are specifically designed to enable organisations to provide comprehensive international health cover to their expatriate employees and their accompanying families.

Each Policy offers an extensive range of hospital, medical, dental, and ancillary benefits to protect them against the high cost of hospital treatment, doctors, and specialist fees while working overseas.

Also included in the policies are benefits to allow for emergency medical evacuation, repatriation after death, or emergency return home on the death of a close relative.

There are no territorial restrictions whilst operating 24-hour, worldwide cover, as well as global emergency assistance, and flexible options to meet all expenses incurred either through illness or injury. Employees are provided with emergency contact numbers on a wallet card for their convenience.

Over 300 major international corporations use Marsh to provide cover for expatriate employees of all nationalities.