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Employee Communication

Health and benefits programs valued by employees may result in higher levels of energy and focus needed to maintain optimal levels of productivity.

Communicating the advantages of your benefits program to employees is as important as providing those benefits in the first place

Employees can only see benefits as a reward if they know about them, actively participate in their selection, and understand their value.

Creating a consumer experience that is equivalent to what employees experience outside of work is critical for building much-needed engagement.

You need to market your benefits using interesting, relevant, and timely communications. The program must then be delivered through seamless, digital technology to make managing well-being and benefits easy and user-friendly for the workforce.

The way you communicate can influence whether your employees think that your benefits offering meets their needs. Success in the future of work will require healthy and engaged employees who are physically, mentally, socially, and financially well.

Making sure that your benefits are engaging for and valued by employees helps ensure that the workforce has the energy and focus it needs to maintain high levels of productivity. That means your strategy needs to be carefully thought through to make sure you get the best possible return on investment from your benefits spend.

MMB can help you

Mercer Marsh Benefits can help employers create custom communications plans that target value-added messaging at employees and drive engagement around benefits plans. We will work with you to:

  • Increase the awareness, value, and perception of your benefits.
  • Educate your employees on how to access and use their benefits.
  • Provide choice and foster engagement.
  • Improve employee satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Develop an invaluable tool for employee retention.
  • Create advocates for the employee value proposition.


Health on demand: Benefits for all

The secret to thriving employees and thriving businesses. Our research study looks at the views of over 17,000 employees across the globe as greater demand for benefits that meet real employee needs is driving a shift towards digital well-being and self-care.


global premium volumes placed annually


risk placement transactions completed annually


business retention rate year-over-year

Learn how we can support you in creating a communications strategy that fosters employee engagement and valued benefits.

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