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Risk in Context Blog

Timely blogs from our risk and insurance experts on the issues and trends that affect your business – and your bottom line.


Union Budget 2018: Focus on Healthcare and Insurance

Posted by Mohit Agarwal 20 February 2018

Union Budget 2018 has proposed a host of measures which is expected to transform the Indian healthcare system.  The hallmark of the Budget pertaining to health insurance rests in three A’s – Adequate Insurance, Adequate Care and Adequate Access. By working towards these three As, budget shifts the attitude from “ease of doing business” to “ease of living”.

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Cybersecurity: Considerations for Directors and Officers

Posted by Oliver Howell 29 September 2017

Cyber security clearly is a boardroom issue for Directors and Officers now, what you should do to transfer the risks of liability out?

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Six steps to reduce cargo claims in the Monsoon

Posted by A. Rajan 05 September 2017

The period from June to September is the rainy season or monsoon in India. In the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, the rains continue until November. Cargo plays a vital role in supply chain management. Any disturbances due to monsoon can lead to cargo claims and affect a business organizations supply chain.

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Extreme Weather Events: Dealing with the Aftermath

Posted by Wendy Lim 30 August 2017

A series of extreme weather events around the world in the past couple of weeks devastated cities, took lives, damaged property, and disrupted businesses. Marsh offers insurance claims tips for these, and similar weather and natural catastrophe events in future.

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How a Large Information Technology Company Expanded Outpatient Coverage

Posted by Suresh Babu 04 July 2017

A large information technology company with more than 5,000 employees had an objective of providing a holistic care program to its employees. A pioneer in the health and benefits program, the company’s objective was also to become an employer of choice for prospective job applicants.

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Financial Institutions are One of the Most Targeted Organizations by Cyber Criminals

Posted by Bhishma Maheswari 03 July 2017

As a regulated sector, financial institutions, including banks, are greatly affected in the event of cyber-attacks, such as a data breaches. These institutions have to pay fines and penalties for losing personal identifiable information. They also tend to lose the most business and customers after a cyber-attack.

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Cyber Insurance as a Solution

Posted by Bhishma Maheswari 03 July 2017

While cyber insurance policies were introduced in the developed countries more than a decade ago, in India these policies were first adopted only about four years ago. Since then, however, the adoption, wording innovation, and acceptance of cyber insurance have grown.

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WannaCry Means GottaAct: Lessons in Ransomware’s Wake

Posted by Thomas Reagan 18 May 2017

Firms need a comprehensive cyber risk management strategy to ensure a quick, effective response against ransomware and other evolving threats.

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Blockchain and Innovation: The Customer Story

Posted by Angana Bharali Das 02 February 2017

The traditional insurance maxim is that insurance is bought, not sold. However, as the internet, mobility, and social media transforms economies and the way we relate to each other, consumers may well buy insurance policies depending on the speed, transparency, and ease of the process.

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