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Risk in Context Blog

Timely blogs from our risk and insurance experts on the issues and trends that affect your business – and your bottom line.


COVID-19's Critical Disruption of Complex Supply Chains

03 March 2020

Understanding the complexity of supply chains and the potential impact of new disruptive events, such as the Coronavirus, is key.

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COVID-19: What are the Trade and Insurance Implications?

25 February 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak and efforts to contain its spread are disrupting economic activity - what are the implications for the trade credit and surety insurance markets?

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Enabling the First Line of Defence

Posted by Anup Dhingra 03 February 2020

Businesses in India expressed an overwhelming desire to approach risk management more strategically in this year’s Excellence in Risk Management India report, with 68% of respondents deeming ‘integrating risk management into strategic planning’ their number one priority.

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New Coronavirus Outbreak: Immediate Steps for Multinationals

Posted by Renata Elias 23 January 2020

The World Health Organization considers the emerging coronavirus outbreak “a high risk, regionally and globally,” underscoring how important it is for multinational organizations to take action now to protect people and operations.

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Indian Life Sciences Industry – An Overview

Posted by Tarun Goel 22 January 2020

Overall, the size of the Indian healthcare sector, one of the fastest-growing sectors, is expected to cross USD 133 billion by 2022. The Indian pharmaceutical sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.4% in the near future, with the export estimates to reach the size of USD 20 billion by 2020. The medical devices market is expected to grow to USD 55 billion by 2020 in India.

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Cyber Risk in India – A Perspective

Posted by Ritesh Thosani 03 November 2019

One of the most prominent risks faced by corporates worldwide today is the risk of cyberattacks or cybercrime, which is ahead of environmental, terrorism, or asset bubble risks. Oliver Wyman has reported that a single attack on a computer processing or communications network could end up causing economic damages worth $50 billion to $120 billion. 

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Flood Risks: What Can Organizations Do To Guard Against It?

Posted by Nikhil Kharkar 22 August 2019

With monsoon season setting in, many states in India are already experiencing flooding. In July, Mumbai was hit by the heaviest monsoon rains in two decades, killing at least 30 people and disrupting life in the city and nearby areas.  

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Political Risk: Time to Access the Present Realities and Look for Cover

Posted by Akshay Bhardwaj 08 August 2019

The global political landscape is dynamic and hard to predict. Often, a simple policy action can derail a peace process or create a war-like situation across a region.  This article analyzes present global political uncertainties and risk situations and discusses how insurance solutions can come to the rescue. Read More.

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General Data Protection Regulations – The Fines, the Gaps while Calculating for Parent Companies and Their Subsidiaries

Posted by Ritesh Thosani 05 August 2019

It’s been more than a year since the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25 May, 2018. The implementation of the GDPR signaled the start of more stringent privacy oversight and enforcement. 

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Typhoon Season is Here: Are you Ready?

Posted by Edward Farrelly 08 July 2019

This year the Northwest Pacific basin is predicted to produce a total number of typhoons close to its long-term average. However, even a single storm can wreak havoc on your employees, your operations and assets, your community, and those your business relies upon. Floods and water damage can be catastrophic, and remain a key concern in Asia.

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