Replay: Insurance considerations in uncertain times

COVID-19 has caused a number of issues for the insurance market over the last couple of months. Small, medium and large businesses will all experience some form of impact from this pandemic and it’s important that organisations start looking at strategies that can be applied to assist with insurance costs during the downturn.

In this special webinar, hosted by Megan Warner – Commercial Leader and Don Howes, central Regional Manager – Commercial, find out what insurance considerations need to be taken into account during these uncertain times. Join them as they discuss the repercussions that will occur in the insurance market due to COVID-19, both locally and globally, as well as diving into an example of a business interruption analysis. They also look into areas where businesses may require additional support including valuation, business continuity and change of management.

The key insights from this webinar included:

  • Helping you navigate the pandemic response lifecycle, e.g. cost savings, employees wellness
  • The state of the global and local insurance market
  • COVID-19 impact on coverage and prices, renewal strategies and key information that insurers are now requesting
  • Importance of strategies towards recovery and preparedness in terms of business continuity frameworks