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Employee Benefits

In a world in which companies are asked to manage increasingly complex workforces, attracting and retaining the right talent, as well as obtaining the best value from benefit programs.

Mercer and Marsh have collaborated to create one of the largest benefits consulting companies for employees and insurance brokerage.

In a world that asks companies manage increasingly complex labour forces, attracting and retaining appropriate talent as well as obtaining the best value of the existing employee benefit programs, entrepreneurs seek a single source to help you manage the costs and associated risks.

Our customers have access to an experienced team of brokers and consultants who use their time to understand your business, to respond to your requests and to provide you with information so you can make the right choices, whether local, regional or international.

Benefits Consulting

More and more companies are opting to offer competitive benefit plans that increase the level of commitment and satisfaction of their human capital. To obtain objective results and to help them in decision-making, it is necessary to determine the competitiveness of the plan currently offered versus the market trends of different sectors at the national level.

Among our services are:

  • The Trends in Employee Benefits Report

With this study, employers will be able to identify the most prevalent practices in the granting of over 85 employee benefits that includes those related to work-life balance, benefits related to monetary allocations, work tools and benefits related to health plans, life and inability.

Among the advantages of the result of this study are:

  1. Get the details about the prevalences in benefits to guide your strategy of attraction and retention of key talents.
  2. Identify new life-work balance benefits that can generate value for your company.
  3. Have information for decision making in talent retention.
  • Trends in Benefits to Employees by Sector Report

The report provides the details of the General report, which groups the information of more than 9 companies in different sectors. Among the available sectors are:

  1. Financial & Insurance
  2. Consuming / Food / Beverage & Agroindustrial
  3. Industrial & Manufacturing
  4. Health



Health Management

The costs of health plans, the productivity of employees and the retention of talent are increasingly challenges for companies. Employers are incorporating health and wellness programs as a strategy to address these challenges. Our integrated model goes beyond the traditional management of business health. We focus on identifying risks to address the specific causes that impact the health of employees.

The area of  Health Management supports employers in their corporate goals with comprehensive solutions that include:

  1. Health and wellness strategy,
  2. Infrastructure or support environment, commitment and intervention in risks, prevention, access and coordination to health care
  3. Statistical analysis of the clinical situation and the results of the interventions.

Among our solutions we have:

  • HERO Scorecard - An updated inventory of best practices in health and wellness that can help you identify gaps and opportunities in your corporate program. You can access the survey in the following HERO International
  • Business Health Analysis - Allows you to identify areas of opportunity for resource optimization, long-term vision and build comparison data.
  • Health communication campaigns - Provide the necessary tools to employers to carry out a strategic and measurable health communication campaign.


Suplement Insurance

Marsh seeks to cover all parameters that may affect the performance of our clients. With the commitment to provide a consultancy process on the management of risks and reduction of uncertainty generated by diseases and unexpected events.

Supplementary insurances are solutions to cover medical risks and alternative expenses that health insurance does not cover or cover with limitations, helping to protect against the financial and emotional impact of its employees.

We are committed to looking for all kinds of solutions, among the options you can find:

  • Cáncer
  • Accident HH - Home Health Care
  • Personal Term Life
  • Intensive Care/Hospital
  • Group Short Term Disability
  • Voluntary Group Term Life
  • Short Term Disability SE - Specified Event
  • Ordinary Life
  • Group Medicare Supplement
  • Medicare Supplement
  • Hosp. Idem. Policy
  • Aflacized Life VS – Vision