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Risk in Context Blog

Timely blogs from our risk and insurance experts on the issues and trends that affect your business – and your bottom line.


Policy Pitfalls: Top tips for avoiding policy disputes

Posted by Helen Haggie 23 May 2017

In our final article on policy pitfalls, Marsh’s Complex Claims and Disputes Team rounds off the series with tips on how best to manage insurance claims.

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WannaCry Means GottaAct: Lessons in Ransomware’s Wake

Posted by Thomas Reagan 18 May 2017

Firms need a comprehensive cyber risk management strategy to ensure a quick, effective response against ransomware and other evolving threats.

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Managing Tomorrow’s Supply Chain Today

Posted by David Tate 18 May 2017

End-to-end supply chain visibility is critical. Build a detailed strategy across the supply chain to respond to shifts in consumer behaviour, product recalls, and unpredictive weather.  

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Financial Executives: 3 Strategies for Managing Geopolitical Risk

Posted by Justin Walsleben 15 May 2017

Strategies financial executives can use to better prepare for such events and protect their organisations’ assets, people, and bottom lines.

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How Analytics Can Help You Quantify Your Trade Credit Risk

Posted by Matthew Titchener 11 May 2017

Understanding the potential trade credit losses a firm could be exposed to, their magnitude, and what solutions are available to finance them are important steps in deciding on an appropriate risk mitigation strategy.

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Insurance Designed for Private Equity

Posted by Matt Terry 11 May 2017

As private equity firms work with their portfolio companies, they will invariably need to manage a large degree of change. This creates not only great opportunities but also certain circumstances from a risk and insurance perspective that need to be addressed.

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Reviewing Your Cover in Light of “Lone-attacker” Events

Posted by Michelle Hurley 10 May 2017

Recent atrocities have brought to light the changing nature of terrorism risk.  Do you need to review your risk mitigation plans and insurance cover?

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Preparing for the Inevitable: 3 Steps to Building Cyber Resilience

Posted by Thomas Reagan 25 April 2017

To stay ahead of an evolving threat landscape, organizations must rethink their approach to cyber risk management.

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Building a Tall Tower - Could Your Asset Go Up in Smoke?

Posted by Rahul Sharma 03 April 2017

Buildings in urban areas across the globe are reaching new heights, constructing such projects comes with increased risk, particularly regarding the possibility of a fire. 

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Blackout: Turning Off Vessel Tracking Systems

Posted by Andrew Mackenzie 29 March 2017

AIS manipulation hinders a maritime nation’s ability to control and safeguard its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and can allow for the proliferation of certain illicit activities.

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