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Risk in Context

Timely posts from our risk and insurance experts on the issues and trends that affect your business — and your bottom line.


How Premium Finance Can Help You Optimize Your Use of Capital

Posted by Paul Kmiecek August 13, 2018

Any company can benefit from premium finance. But it could be especially beneficial to companies for which spreading insurance payments out could help smooth cash flow or that are concerned about insurance collateral requirements.

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Protecting Your Operations and People from Wildfires

Posted by Robert W. O’Brien August 06, 2018

More than a dozen wildfires have burned through half a million acres of land in California, killing several people and forcing tens of thousands more out of their homes, according to news reports. Two fires, the Carr and Mendocino Complex, now rank among the most destructive blazes in the state’s history. Several other fires remain only partially contained as of August 6. Beyond California, recent wildfires have also caused substantial damage from the Rockies to the Pacific Northwest into Canada.

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Preparing for Colorado’s New Expansive Data Privacy Law

Posted by Paula Miller August 06, 2018

Colorado HB18-1128, known as Protections for Consumer Data Privacy, will provide individuals with enhanced data protection rights and impose the nation’s shortest window for reporting data breaches to law enforcement officials/ It also expands the type of information that must be protected and extends protection requirements to third parties that process or hold information on behalf of others.


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Learning Harvey’s Lessons: How Chemical Companies Can Better Respond to the Next Major Storm

Posted by Mary Russell July 31, 2018

A detailed risk assessment can help you examine your existing hurricane response strategies and improve upon them. Among other areas, look at your emergency response and planned actions ahead of a storm, including relocating sensitive equipment and materials and putting up temporary barriers to protect locations from floodwaters. 

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The Autonomous Vehicle Revolution: How Insurance Must Adapt

Posted by David Carlson July 18, 2018

As automotive companies grapple with the advent of autonomous vehicles and their impact on operations, they will also need to rethink how they manage risk.


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As Medical Costs Grow, More Captives Used to Protect Employees

Posted by Lorraine Stack July 10, 2018

As businesses continue to seek ways to control these rising costs, one strategy that many are using is to insure employee benefits programs through their captive insurance companies.

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Business Interruption: Looking Beyond the Physical

Posted by Duncan Ellis June 14, 2018

With risk increasingly interconnected and interdependent in today’s rapidly changing world, your resiliency depends on how well you manage disruption, no matter its source. With the right mix of traditional and advanced risk mitigation and risk transfer strategies in place, you can overcome direct and indirect business interruption more effectively and better protect critical assets and your bottom line.

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Supreme Court Limits Successive Securities Class Action Filings, but Risks Remain

Posted by Steven Hong June 13, 2018

Directors and officers liability (D&O) insurance can provide financial protection to both individuals and corporations, including coverage for defense and settlement costs. Your insurance advisors can help ensure your D&O program has appropriate policy limits and provides broad coverage for securities class actions.

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Captive Owners Continue to Broaden Scope of Activity

Posted by Michael Serricchio June 06, 2018

Using a captive to write cyber terrorism risk can be a cost-effective and relatively simple means to reduce net retained risk, especially for companies that already own captives.

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Managing Your Potential Infectious Disease Exposures: 3 Steps

Posted by Christian Ryan June 05, 2018

Here are three ways global businesses can manage their potential exposure to Ebola, Nipah, and other public health threats.

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