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Risk in Context

Timely posts from our risk and insurance experts on the issues and trends that affect your business — and your bottom line.


Hurricane Forecast: What’s Your Weakness?

Posted by Chad Wright. April 22, 2019

With the 2019 hurricane season around the corner, organizations need to take precautions and ensure they have the right coverage in case they end up in the path of a catastrophic weather event.

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Don't Let Spring Flooding Sink Your Company

Posted by Duane Paulson April 16, 2019

With above-average precipitation in the forecast, two-thirds of the lower US face elevated flood risk through May. Take steps now to prepare and manage the effects on your business.

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40 Years After: 5 Lessons from the Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident

Posted by Daniel McGarvey March 28, 2019

On March 28, 1979, the US experienced its worst commercial nuclear disaster when a reactor at Pennsylvania’s Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station suffered a partial meltdown. Lessons from Three Mile Island have helped shape the industry and the nuclear insurance enterprises that support it.

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Decision on White Collar Exemption Calls for Employer Action

Posted by Kelly Thoerig March 12, 2019

US employers finally have clarity on the salary threshold for an important overtime exemption to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Last week, the US Department of Labor (DOL) announced a new rule that addresses the salary level needed for so-called “white collar” workers — executive, administrative, and professional employees — to be considered “exempt” and therefore not entitled to overtime pay. 

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New Cyber Threats and Regulations Call for Urgency

Posted by Kevin Richards March 05, 2019

The continually changing nature of cyber risk makes this peril especially dangerous for companies, and it is imperative for companies to manage cyber as a critical and ongoing business priority.

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Insurance Considerations in Affordable Housing Development

Posted by Marc Reisner February 12, 2019

Financing of affordable multifamily housing project is complex and developers should consider a number of insurance actions to limit their risks. 

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Ruling on Biometric Information Paves Way for Plaintiffs to Establish Standing

Posted by David Finz February 04, 2019

With a chance for similar rulings, businesses should assess their policies to determine whether they have sufficient coverage.

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Spotted Lanternfly: 5 Actions to Minimize Contamination Risks

Posted by Paul Baute January 18, 2019

The spotted lanternfly could pose significant risks to businesses that transport agricultural crops and other products. The detection of the pest in several East Coast states makes it important that these companies take actions to comply with state-specific enforcement efforts. 

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Higher Education: Mitigating a Reduction in Foreign Students

Posted by Jean Demchak January 16, 2019

Risk managers need to be agile in seeking the right solutions to address challenges posed by a dwindling international student base.

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Earthquake Resilience: Loss Prevention and Insurance Recovery Considerations

Posted by Annette Sanchez December 12, 2018

Recovering from a major earthquake can be a time consuming process that includes hidden dangers. Businesses need to look at ways to prevent further losses and at how their insurance coverage can help with their recovery and rebuilding.

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