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Risk in Context

Timely posts from our risk and insurance experts on the issues and trends that affect your business — and your bottom line.


Even as COVID-19 Lockdowns Ease, Vigilance Remains Key

Posted by Greg Rodway. June 24, 2020

As COVID-19 lockdowns ease, employers shouldn’t be lulled into a false sense of security and complacency.

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Landmark Supreme Court Ruling Extends Title VII Protections to LGBTQ Workers

Posted by Kelly Thoerig June 16, 2020

The Supreme Court’s ruling on LGBTQ employees’ rights resolves what has long been a hot-button issue, and is a reminder for some employers about the actions they must now take.

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4 Ways to Prepare for Civil Unrest Risks

Posted by Renata Elias May 29, 2020

Thorough and well-tested crisis management, crisis communications, emergency response, and business continuity plans and appropriate insurance coverage can help your organization respond in a crisis, protect your people and assets, and more quickly return to normal operations.

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Global Insurance Pricing Continues to Increase in First Quarter 2020

Posted by Dean Klisura May 21, 2020

Global commercial insurance prices rose by 14%, on average in the first quarter of 2020, the tenth consecutive quarter of increases.

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COVID-19: Move to Digital Banking Highlights IP Risks

Posted by Jason Sandler May 19, 2020

The ongoing public health crisis has accelerated the financial sector’s yearslong shift toward digital banking, creating new risks for banks related to intangible assets.

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Don’t Let Pandemic Distractions Hamper Safety

Posted by Larry Pearlman April 02, 2020

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic be cautions that distracted workers don’t make mistakes that hamper safety.

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Delaware Federal Forum Provision Decision a Huge Win for Companies Planning IPOs

Posted by Sarah Downey March 18, 2020

The Delaware Supreme Court has reversed a lower court’s decision about the validity of federal-forum selection provisions — a win for companies that are preparing to go public.

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Coronavirus: 10 Ways to Keep Employees Comfortable While Working From Home

Posted by Jeffrey Smagacz March 17, 2020

Millions of people who have never worked from home are now doing so because of the pandemic. A few small changes to their home work environments can help create more comfortable, safe, and productive telecommuting experiences.

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COVID-19 Is Officially a Pandemic. What Now?

Posted by Jeffrey Alpaugh March 13, 2020

The declaration that COVID-19 is a pandemic is a reminder of the significance of this global health crisis.

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Coronavirus: 3 Steps for Manufacturers to Ensure Supply Chain Resilience

enter Posted by David Carlson March 09, 2020

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, manufacturers must identify key vulnerabilities, take steps to keep supply chains up and running, and plan for the future.

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