Active Assailant Risk: Crisis management and emergency response programs

Episode 3 in a four-episode podcast on active assailant risk.

One team. One process. All risk. In a crisis situation, it is imperative for all departments of an organization — no matter how large — to function as a single, unified front. Essential to a successful response is a cohesive emergency response plan that serves as roadmap to guide the business from incident to recovery.

In this episode of Active Assailant Risk, host Dave Rapp talks with Renata Elias from Marsh Advisory’s Strategic Consulting Practice about best practices before, during, and after a catastrophic event.

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Key takeaways

Have a comprehensive emergency response plan

Create a detailed plan so your employees know things to be aware of, what to report, how to respond, and what to expect after an incident.

Stick to the script

Create your key messages and repeat them over and over — from designated spokespeople to all employees, for both traditional and social media.

Have recovery services in place

Post-incident services to help provide for both physical and mental health needs are a critical part of the recovery process after a tragedy.

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About our speakers

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Dave Rapp

Managing Director, Casualty Advisory Practice

As a senior casualty advisor, Dave Rapp is responsible for directing and coordinating the delivery of the casualty service model to all clients, while expanding the capabilities and strategy for Marsh’s casualty team in the pacific south region.

Previously, Dave served for eight years as the Group Director of Risk Management for Westfield Shopping Centers, a global real estate shopping center management company that operates large-scale shopping centers in 13 countries.  He was responsible for managing insurance and claims, enterprise risk management (ERM), loss control and safety, and crisis management and business continuity programs.

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Renata Elias

Senior Vice President, Marsh Advisory

Renata Elias is a Senior Engagement Lead within Marsh Advisory’s Strategic Risk Consulting Practice. She provides counsel and support to clients across a range of industries on organizational resilience including crisis management, emergency response, workplace violence, crisis communications, business continuity, pandemic response planning, reputational risk, and disaster and crisis response.

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