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Business Continuity Support Services

In today’s complex business environment where companies face significant competition, economic pressures, shrinking margins, reduced headcount, and difficulty finding qualified personnel, it is often a challenge to continue to operate efficiently and provide top-notch service/products to customers. As a result, many organizations have outsourced one or more of their non-core business functions. Whether for financial reasons, resource constraints, or the need to tap into required expertise, outsourcing can be a powerful tool and a key aspect of many strategic initiatives.

At Marsh we understand these challenges and seek to provide solutions that enable our clients to continue to focus on revenue growth, efficiency, and quality. We have developed a unique service that allows your business to leverage Marsh Advisory's Risk Consulting Solutions in a cost-effective way to create, enhance, or maintain your business continuity program. For an annual fee, our team can perform in-house business continuity functions, supplement your current program resources, or provide support on an interim basis while your organization seeks a business continuity manager. Whatever the case, there may be a period of time when Marsh Adviosry can support your organization with our outsourced business continuity services.

Service Highlights

If your company has concerns about your ability to create, enhance, or maintain business continuity planning activities, Marsh is able to help you by providing skilled business continuity and industry expertise as an outsourced department or to supplement your existing team.

Working with your current program structure as you require, Marsh Advisory can support your efforts to prepare your organization for a business interruption. The service options are as follows:

Program Structure Review for Non-existing Team

Marsh Advisory can provide:

  • A recommended structure and staffing needs of the business continuity management function, including key responsibilities and relationships.
  • A gap analysis report detailing key recovery concerns and deficient areas compared to best practices.
  • Recommendations on the blend of insourcing and outsourcing appropriate for your organization.
  • A short- and long-term implementation roadmap for key prioritized activities.  

Transitional Outsourcing

For companies with an immediate need for a business continuity professional to fill a temporary gap, we provide interim business continuity management services. Our dedicated experienced professionals are ready to carry out business continuity responsibilities until the position is filled. While all final decision making resides within your company, we provide:

  • Personnel who are responsible for day-to-day execution of business continuity tasks.
  • Weekly status reporting that includes documentation of all key activities performed, key risks identified and risk assessments made by Marsh Advisory, and decisions made by your company.
  • Assistance with evaluating candidates for the full time-position, including developing job descriptions, conducting interviews, and evaluating a candidate’s relevant experience.
  • Satisfaction survey completed by your business leaders and senior management.

Ongoing Business Continuity Plan Maintenance

Our team can perform the ongoing maintenance function for the corporate business continuity program. We will customize an approach that meets your current and future needs. Maintenance needs may include:

  • Annual plan updates.
  • Plan repository management.
  • New plan development.
  • Business impact analysis updates.
  • Training and awareness programs.
  • Scenario-based exercise (testing) facilitation.
  • Stand-by assistance to answer business continuity related inquiries.
  • Status presentations to the steering committee.