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Risk in Context

Timely blogs from our risk and insurance experts on the issues and trends that affect your business — and your bottom line.


Winter is Coming – Six Considerations for Building Owners

Posted by Luke Pallister October 07, 2019

Severe weather combined with a lack of preparation can have dire consequences for building owners. These outcomes can be mitigated with the right advance preparation. 

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Driving Abroad and Motor Insurance Cover Documentation in the Event of a “No Deal” Brexit

Posted by Anthony Monaghan September 30, 2019

Although the state of play with Brexit are still uncertain, as long as there is potential for a no deal Brexit, organisations should continue to plan on this basis.

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Global Risks Abound for Higher Education Institutions

Posted by Jean Demchak August 22, 2019

The top global risks identified in this year’s Global Risks Report align with the disruptions impacting higher education.

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Captive Insurer Growth Areas: Benefits, Third Parties, and Cyber

Posted by Michael Serricchio August 08, 2019

The number of organizations using captive insurers continues to grow, driven by greater interest in and awareness of their potential value.

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Tailings Storage Facilities: From Design to Closure – A Liability Lifecycle

Posted by Manuela Battello August 06, 2019

Tailings storage facilities are a recognized key risk exposure in the mining sector. These structures can be of significant size, storing tens of millions of cubic meters of tailings. They are also highly complex structures that vary depending on a host of parameters such as design, age, maintenance, and tailings characteristics among others.

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Data is the Key to an Improved Risk Strategy

Posted by Brian C. Elowe May 08, 2019

With data at their fingertips, risk managers have an unprecedented opportunity to better understand their company’s risks and develop decision-making frameworks for risk finance and other mitigation investments.

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Human Capital Risk and Brexit

Posted by Darren Holmes March 27, 2019

The uncertainty that organisations face from various Brexit scenarios extends into their workforce strategy, particularly around talent availability, and is especially significant in sectors that heavily on migrant workers. 

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Brexit Challenges for Construction Companies: Talent, Material, and Funding

Posted by Stuart Freeman March 25, 2019

With the precise terms of the UK’s departure from the EU still unclear, businesses have been left in a swirl of uncertainty. How will it impact the construction sector?

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How will Brexit change Risk Profiles across the Retail, Food and Beverage Industry?

Posted by David Tate March 20, 2019

With uncertainty around Brexit, many retail, food and beverage industry businesses are changing stock holdings and logistics.

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New Cyber Threats and Regulations Call for Urgency

Posted by Kevin Richards March 05, 2019

The continually changing nature of cyber risk makes this peril especially dangerous for companies, and it is imperative for companies to manage cyber as a critical and ongoing business priority.

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