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Renewable Energy

The renewable energy business using solar photovoltaic power and other energy sources is attracting attention as a result of the rise of the green energy movement and as one solution to electric power shortages caused by the earthquake disaster.

Forms of renewable energy include solar power, solar thermal energy, hydroelectric power, wind power, biomass, and geothermal energy, and governments are promoting the increased introduction and widespread adoption of renewable energy as a form of clean energy that can take the place of petroleum and other fuels.

Solar Power Generation

Marsh Japan was among the first to focus on insurance coverage for solar power generation systems, and as an insurance company broker, we develop and propose insurance programs that cover entire household and commercial solar power systems.

We have also proposed insurance programs and risk consulting services for mega solar power generation plants and commercial solar power compatible with the renewable energy fixed feed-in tariff program introduced in July 2012.

By using these two programs, it is possible to achieve stable and long-term operation of solar power systems and to introduce solar power systems with greater confidence.

We provide access to experts on the risks associated with solar power in the domestic and foreign insurance markets and offer tailor-made insurance programs and consulting services created specifically for solar power generation systems

Wind Power

Marsh Japan focuses on analyzing the risks of the wind power business and provides risk consulting services from the construction phase to the maintenance and operations phase.

For example, we assess risks relating to natural disasters and fire and provide optimal advice from the perspective of assessing expected damage from earthquakes, typhoons, and so on. This makes it possible to conduct stable and long-term wind power business operations and introduce wind power with a greater sense of reassurance.

Risk consulting forsolar power and mega solar power systems

Consulting relating to all aspects of the solar power business for financial institutions, mega solar power operators, and other businesses.

We can perform the assessments of natural disaster risks necessary for drafting and implementing business plans, evaluate the expected amount of damage from earthquakes and typhoons, and evaluates the performance and risks of solar power systems.

Insurance programmes for solar power and mega solar power system construction

Insurance programs for construction of solar power generating facilities targeting mega solar power operators (1 MW or greater), engineering firms, and financial institutions.

We provide comprehensive coverage of the risk of damage from natural disasters and so on to structures and facilities during solar power system construction, the risk of construction delays in conjunction with physical damage and economic loss from delayed operation, and the risk of liability to third parties. As an insurance company broker, we provide advice on insurance coverage levels specified in construction project contractor agreements and so on and insurance advisory services tailored to the details of the specific project, including engineering, procurement, and construction.

Insurance programmes for mega solar systems and commercial applications

Insurance programs for mega solar power businesses, large sales companies, financial institutions, and other businesses.

As an insurance company broker, we can arrange for coverage of the risks posed by natural disasters to solar power facilities and the risk of economic loss or liability to third parties as well as long-term warranty insurance programs that enhance the manufacturer warranties on modules. We can also make arrangements for excessive errors and omissions (E&O) liability, which is often claimed in project financing projects, and the risks of directors and officers (D&O) liability. We can also provide advice on insurance coverage according to the coverage requirements specified in agreements.

Insurance programmes for home solar power systems

Insurance programs for module manufacturers, power conditioner manufacturers, system integrators, and large sales companies.

We can arrange for comprehensive coverage of the risks associated with home solar power systems including modules and power conditioners.

Wind power risk consulting services


We provide advice regarding anticipated risks during the construction phase.

  • Assembly risks
  • Liability risks
  • Business startup delay risks
  • Maintenance Management

We provide advice regarding anticipated risks during the maintenance management and operational phases.

  • Property risks and profit risks
  •  Earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption risks
  • Liability risks
  •  E&O risks
  • Other risks

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