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Based on the experience and results acquired in 130 countries around the world, Marsh analyzes casualty risks arising in global business operations and supports the design and development of optimal insurance programs.

The risk of receiving a demand for compensation for damage from a third party as a result of a defect in your own products or services has traditionally been low in Japan, and there have been few instances where Japanese companies have been required to pay large amounts in compensation. In recent years, however, many businesses are actively expanding their overseas business, and casualty risks are rising rapidly. Overseas and in the United States in particular, there are risks of demands for compensation in amounts unthinkable in Japan because of differences in legal systems and the litigation environment.

Marsh has used the experience and extensive knowledge that it has acquired in 130 countries globally to design and develop casualty insurance programs for numerous Japanese companies.  Marsh’s casualty insurance specialists analyze diverse client's risks and propose an optimal insurance program. Marsh also provides accessible explanations of the English-language insurance policy, which are complex and difficult to understand, that are used to cover overseas risks and designs tailor-made insurance programs according to individual client risks and scale of business. By negotiating the details of policy riders with insurers, Marsh is able to provide the risk hedges that clients need at minimum cost.

Marsh is also able to design insurance to cover risks that are generally difficult to obtain insurance coverage for such as environmental pollution risks and liability to pay punitive damages in the United States.

In addition, Marsh uses proprietary benchmarking tools and analysis tools based on data that we have collected in countries around the world to provide make recommendations on appropriate self-insurance amounts (i.e., the amounts of insurance deductibles) and maximum coverage limits appropriate for each client.

Marsh has much experience design and developing global casualty insurance programs that provide comprehensive coverage for client headquarters as well as group companies located throughout the world. By introducing a global program, no matter what country in the world a client is sued in and no matter which group company becomes involved in litigation, the entire group can enjoy the same insurance coverage, enabling global risk management. Marsh uses its global network spanning 130 countries globally to support global program operation by clients.

Insurance Claims

Marsh has insurance claim specialists assigned to countries throughout the world to support client claims made to insurers. Based on our advanced specialized knowledge and reliable data, we can perform complex claim procedures efficiently and quickly.


Marsh accumulates insurance policy related information in numerous regions including the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia and has more than 200,000 data. We use  extensive, industry-leading databases to provide benchmarking information to clients. Reliable benchmarking data is useful for determining self-insurance amounts (retentions) (i.e., the amounts of insurance deductibles) and maximum coverage amounts (limits).

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