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Corporate and Small Commercial Solutions

Business growth often brings about more complex risks. Marsh offers flexible insurance solutions for corporate and small commercial business, which are easy to arrange and can provide peace of mind.

When a corporate or small commercial business grows, its risks often become more complex, making consultative insurance solutions ever more important. At the same time, costs need to be carefully controlled, so businesses can ensure they pay the right price for their insurance.

Running a successful business takes time and dedication, so the last thing you may need is to be chasing insurance quotes from multiple companies. Knowing you have the right cover in place at the right price can give you the peace of mind you need to focus on running your business.

Arranging insurance for your business needn’t be complicated. That’s where we can help. Marsh specializes in providing insurance for orporate and small commercial businesses: Whether you are sole trader, have a handful of employees or teams of people, you can rest assured that using our services can help save you time and effort. We offer solutions across a wide range of industries from retail, sports and leisure, through to oil and gas.

As one of the world’s leading insurance brokers, our primary focus is to deliver great customer service. This begins by using our market relationships to negotiate with insurers the best possible cover and price we can for you. But our work doesn’t stop there. We will be available to support you throughout the lifetime of your policy.

In addition, it’s important that you understand any warranties and endorsements that may be attached to your policy. Some insurance products in the marketplace may have warranties that can be onerous and could mean that, should the worst happen, you find yourself without cover if you have not fully complied.

The result of working with Marsh: Personalized customer service that supports you in mitigating the risks facing your organization by helping to ensure you secure the right cover at the right price.

Insurance Placement Scheme for Corporate and Small Commercial Businesses

Marsh Japan has created the Marsh Japan Agent Network (MJAN), a service network that collaborates with leading insurance agents nationwide to provide global-standard risk management and insurance placement services to corporate and small commercial businesses throughout Japan. Marsh uses the risk-related expertise that it has accumulated, and insurance agents affiliated with MJAN provide optimal insurance solutions to orporate and small commercial businesses located in every region of Japan.

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