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Manufacturing and Automotive

As the manufacturing and automotive industries evolve – and technologies advance – numerous risks, both traditional and emerging, pose a wide range of challenges.

Technological advances are creating fresh opportunities in the manufacturing and automotive sectors, with new and more complex risks continually arising. Changes in market dynamics mean that product recall risk is heightened by advances in electronic systems; cyber and liability risks are on the rise as the virtual now controls the physical, with technology increasingly controlling manufacturing processes; regulatory agencies continue to present challenges; and the global supply chain is subject to political unrest and disruption.

Marsh’s manufacturing and automotive risk specialists understand your industry’s business issues and provide guidance to help you navigate risks. This collective expertise is further strengthened by Marsh’s industry-leading analytics capabilities, which provide business insights enabling you to make more informed decisions and gain competitive advantage.

The result: Marsh can help you reduce your total cost of risk, thereby protecting your balance sheet, reducing business volatility, and improving the bottom line.

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