Cargo and Logistics

We provide seamless and reasonable tailor-made, insurance-based solutions for logistics business and logistics risks that are becoming increasingly complex and diverse in conjunction with the globalization of business.

As corporate activities become increasingly globalized, the need to conduct efficient logistics operations and to comprehensively manage the logistics risks in logistics networks that span wide areas is rising. In response to these needs, increasing numbers of companies are building and operating global logistics systems that provide integrated support including export control and inventory control. The logistics insurance (such as transport insurance and marine insurance) arranged to cover logistics risks is often individually secured on the company or business unit level or on the regional or national level, and as a result, many complex administrative procedures such as providing shipping and inventory notices and issuing transport unit certificates are often required.

Marsh Japan sees insurance for corporate global logistics risks as a single item and can provide global one-stop/one-package insurance solutions that seamlessly cover all aspects from processing and storage to delivery and greatly reduce insurance procedure workloads. As a result, we can reduce complex administrative procedures and support the streamlining of logistics risk management for many Japanese companies.

By making customer logistics risk visible and adopting a logical approach to the insurance market as an insurance company broker, we seek to reduce insurance premium costs of domestic and overseas subsidiaries and affiliates. We contribute to advanced logistics risk management to cover the costs of risks that are difficult to insure (such as earthquake risks in Japan and the risks of transport stoppages), logistics accident prevention (loss prevention), and countermeasure expenses.

What are Advanced Logistics Insurance and STP?

Stock throughput (STP) insurance comprehensively covers domestic and international logistics from corporate procurement to processing, storage, and delivery. Previously, STP insurance was obtained primarily by European and American multinational companies, but recently, it is being increasingly adopted by Japanese businesses that are conducting business globally and require centralized management including overseas logistics risks conducted under the leadership of the head office.

All raw materials, semi-finished goods, products, samples, exhibit items, and so on for which companies need insurance arrangements are comprehensively covered. It is a rational insurance program that covers distribution and logistics, which are diversifying on a daily basis, as well as changes in inventory without the need, in principle, to provide notice on each occasion.

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